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Apex Legends Mobile’s Hyperbeat Update is Coming on 23rd August

Abhimannu Das
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Apex Legends Mobile is set to get its new Hyperbeat update featuring Crypto, a new POI, store changes and more.
The new update will drop on 23rd August with a brand new battle pass and ranked split.
Crypto will be available to unlock for free via the new battle pass.

Apex Legends Mobile is set to receive its new content update with Crypto set to release. He was one of the first characters from Apex Legends but he was not part of the mobile version of the game until now. Unlike a lot of other movement-based legends, Crypto relies on a playstyle that is much slower. You have to lose control of your character to operate the drone to gain intel and do other actions. The new update should shake up the meta with the introduction of his unique legend perks.

Who is Crypto in Apex Legends Mobile

Crypto specializes in secrets. A brilliant hacker and encryption expert, he uses aerial drones to spy on his opponents in the Apex Arena without being seen. He is a recon legend, capable of performing a number of tasks using his drone.

Passive: Neurolink - Enemies and traps detected by your surveillance Drone are marked for your squad within 30 meters range.

Tactical: Surveillance Drone - Deploy a pilotable drone to surveil your surroundings. The drone detects enemy squads and battlefield hazards.

Ultimate: Drone EMP - Your Drone sets off an EMP blast that deals Shield damage, slows enemies, and disables traps.

Crypto Legend Perks

Destroyed drones explode after 3s, slowing and damaging enemies caught in the blast.

  • Self Destruct: Destroyed drones explode after 3s, slowing and damaging enemies caught in the blast.

  • Hidden User: Become semi-transparent when controlling drones.

  • System Scan: Your drone reveals an enemy's HP and armor after 3s of scanning.

  • Shut Down: Your Ultimate also damages HP but cannot kill an enemy.

  • Lag Bomb: Your drone can launch an EMP bomb that slows and deals damage.

  • Salvage Operation: Your drone can retrieve items.

  • Battle Adaptation: Using your Finisher adds 100 points to your EVOShield.

  • Restart: Using your Finisher instantly repairs your drone or reduces your Ultimate cooldown by 30%.

  • Interrogator: Using your Finisher reveals the location of your target's squad on the mini-map.

King’s Canyon Town Takeover

There are new changes to King’s Canyon including a new point of interest designed after Rhapsody. The new update has VIP Supply Bins, a new ranked mode, a new battle pass, and more.

There are also some store changes coming to the game. There is now a new mechanic to increase the drop rates for Eternal cosmetic items in the Store Vault! As you continue to draw from the Store Vault, the drop rates of the Eternal cosmetic items in the pool increase up to a specified cap (as set forth in the in-game Store Vault odds disclosures). The increased drop rates will reset after you pull an Eternal cosmetic item.

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