Which hero receives the M5 AP.Bren Skin in Mobile Legends?



AP.Bren Names Potential Heroes to Receive M5 World Championship Skin

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AP.Bren has been crowned the champion of the M5 World Championship.
The M5 AP.Bren skin is yet to be confirmed.
Each member of the team shared their thoughts on which hero should receive the M5 AP.Bren skin in Mobile Legends.

As part of the perks of winning the M5 World Championship, AP.Bren earned the privilege of having its second Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) skin with the team’s branding on a hero of its choice. Through a post-match press press conference, the team mentioned a few heroes that they would like for the exclusive skin. The M5 AP.Bren skin will be the fifth world series skin to be released alongside M1 EVOS Legends, M2 Bren Esports, M3 Blacklist International, and M4 ECHO. 

While the potential AP.Bren-branded M5 skin has been revealed by the champions themselves, Moonton is yet to officially announce the upcoming world series skin.

AP.Bren is crowned as the M5 World Champions.


Which hero receives the M5 AP.Bren Skin in Mobile Legends?

AP.Bren is one of the most decorated Mobile Legends teams in the world. It is the team that kickstarted the rise of Philippines (PH) teams in MLBB esports and it was also the team that proved the doubters wrong and debunked the “PH Era is over” statement. With the team winning the M5 World Championship, fans are now curious as to which hero shall receive the new M-series skin.

According to the post-match interview, the hero that is likely to receive the M5 AP.Bren skin is either Brody, Arlott, Diggie, Claude, Faramis, Thamuz, Odette, Helcurt, or Fredrinn.

For the roamer, Rowgien "Owgwen" Unigo, he voted Arlott and Brody to receive the exclusive skin.

As for the team’s trusty substitute player Vincent "Pandora" Unigo, he nominated Brody and Fredrinn for the next M5 AP.Bren skin bearer.

The marksman of the team, Marco "Super Marco" Requitiano, voted Brody and Claude.

David "FlapTzy" Canon, the EXP Lanerof AP.Bren, voted Brody and Faramis.

The Mid Laner, Angelo "Pheww" Arcangel, nominated Thamuz and Arlott.

The jungler, Michael "KyleTzy" Sayson, stated Fredrinn or Diggie as the bearer of the M5 AP.Bren skin.

As for the coaches, Francis "Ducky" Glindro, voted Diggie while Vrendon "Vrendon Lin" Pesebre nominated Odette and Helcurt.

Fans should keep in mind that only one hero shall receive the highly anticipated M5 AP.Bren skin. Moonton is yet to officially reveal any details for the upcoming skin. Fans should keep their eyes peeled for more information in the future.

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