Sid Alleges Unnamed BGMI Teams Of Cheating In BMPS 2023


Amidst Cheating Claims, Sid Applauds New Teams in BGMI for Fair Play

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Team SouL finished quite high on the overall standings at the end of week one at the ongoing BMPS 2023.
Despite the performance, Sid is concerned about some of the teams allegedly cheating to gain an unfair advantage.
He spoke on the matter during one of his recent livestreams and even had a word of encouragement for some of the new teams competing at the event.

Team SouL is currently competing in Battlegrounds Mobile India Pro Series 2023 (BMPS 2023) where it finished the first week of the competition in a very comfortable position, securing an overall tenth-place finish by accumulating a total of 78 points.

Despite the great start, Siddhant “Sid“ Joshi - Manager of Team SouL, seems concerned about some of the teams allegedly cheating in the online phase of the tournament, talking about it during a recent livestream.

In his statement, Sid also mentioned that many underdog teams were struggling at the event but he respects their grind which is hopefully fair and they are not using any cheats.

Sid claims that various teams are allegedly cheating in BMPS 2023

During a recent livestream, Sid said “A super good version of TuTu (BGMI slang for cheating) is being used from what I can see. So, if we reach LAN it is a good thing, then you (fans) guys can also come to the venue to watch us. I cannot understand but some teams are cheating a lot.” Sid made these claims but did not name any of the accused teams, nor did he share any gameplay moments to back his statements.

Note: The related segment starts from 14:16 onwards.

In the same livestream, Sid gave a special shoutout to all the new teams competing in the tournament, highlighting their struggle but still putting on a show with underdog players. He applauded them for playing fair, something he assumes is the case, and that they are not involved in any sort of cheating.

“Maybe you will not achieve success in this tournament but if you keep up the grind, sooner or later you will. So please keep up the grind and keep working hard, because there will be a time when you will receive the fruits of your labor,” said Sid, in a note of encouragement and appreciation.

Like every other BGMI tournament there have been a few questionable clips from BMPS 2023 that have been making rounds but nothing concrete has been found till now.

This includes a recent smoke clip involving GS Esports which went viral. Various personalities including Piyush “SpeRo” Bhatla, Hrishav “Hydra Hrishav” Vishwakarma, and more reviewed the incident in depth and made the following statements.

  • “I have watched it in slowmotion and you can see a whole person here, upon which the spray will go. I think when he looked there first, he saw the guy, then he looked there again and started spraying. I’m not defending anyone, I’m just saying that it could be a possibility,” said SpeRo.

  • “That guy was first spotted and then the smoke popped, so the location of that guy is known and he simply knocks him down with his spray. There is nothing sus about it to be honest, it is very normal. He had already spotted the guy,” said Hydra Hrishav.

Hacks and cheats have always plagued the esports industry since its inception. As prize pools swell to unprecedented levels, the incentive for unscrupulous players to employ underhanded tactics rises in tandem, especially when many such tournaments take place online. The ideal solution is an airtight anti-cheat system from the developers that can prevent users from using nefarious methods to gain an advantage. Until that happens, there is always going to be a healthy amount of skepticism towards dubious plays.

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