Aladin Explains How Players Gain Viewership by Targeting SouL and GodLike

Now that is one hell of a strategy to attract an audience.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Aladin Reveals How Players Gain Viewership By Targeting SouL And GodLike</p></div>
Aladin Reveals How Players Gain Viewership By Targeting SouL And GodLike


During a recent livestream, Aladin revealed how certain BGMI players purposefully engage in controversies with Team SouL and GodLike Esports.
He said that it was one of the easiest ways for players to attain a burst of viewership on their livestream and was actually implemented by enough people.
Aladin even provided an example by narrating a scenario where he used Neyoo from GodLike Esports as his subject.

Some people strongly believe in the mantra that all publicity is good publicity. This extends to streamers, content creators, and even professional players from esports or gaming backgrounds.

During a recent livestream session, Taha "Aladin" Khamkar, BGMI player for 7Sea Esports exposed a farming strategy used by many to leech instant viewership from players of popular esports organizations like Team SouL and GodLike Esports.

He explained in detail how a professional player, in particular, could exploit the audience of these more popular personalities in order to grow by a considerable margin.

Aladin reveals how controversies against Team SouL and GodLike Esports results in growth for players

Controversies in the Indian mobile esports scene are very common, sometimes between organizations and more commonly among professional athletes.

Exposing a commonly practiced strategy to farm a burst of viewership and impressions, Aladin in his recent livestream explained how players purposely tried to engage in controversy with those under the banner of SouL or GodLike, two of the biggest esports organizations in India, especially when it comes to Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI).

He explains that players try to sync their stream timing to that of any SouL or GodLike player, simply landing on their drop zone to fist or pan them followed by a few generic cusses.

Giving an hypothetical example Aladin says, "Imagine I want to engage in a controversy with Neyoo (Suraj Majumdar). So I will forcefully drop in Hacienda or Georgopol, engage in a fight with him by striking him with a fist or pan, and then abuse him as well. Automatically, some viewers from Neyoo's livestream will come to my stream to abuse me and this way I will pull some portion of his audience to my channel."

Adding to this, he states that things like this keep happening and it is very easy to pull it off, anyone could do it if they really want to.

"Have you guys never noticed that there are enough people who knowingly keep targeting SouL or GodLike, say ill about them, just to get noticed and stay relevant by attracting attention towards themselves," explains Aladin.

Controversies are quite common in Indian esports, especially in mobile esports where the average audience is still quite young and new to competitive gaming in general.

However, creators, streamers, and players have grown and matured over time, realizing that how they conduct themselves on and off the stream impacts their audience. So hopefully with time things will change for the better as esports and gaming grows in the region!

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