Adventure X MLBB: Natan's New Adventure



Adventure X MLBB: Natan's New Adventure Event Unveiled

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A new web event has been released where players can acquire skins for Mobile Legends or in-game loots like diamonds and character fragments for MLA.
Players will have to complete tasks to acquire components and assemble a time machine in order to claim rewards.
The event will last from 30th July until 6th Aug 2021.

A new web event in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is currently underway called Natan’s New Adventure. The web event is in collaboration with Moonton’s Idle RPG title Mobile Legends: Adventure (MLA) where players can acquire permanent skins for Mobile Legends while also acquiring various in-game loots if they have an MLA account. The Natan’s New Adventure web event in Mobile Legends tasks players with assembling a time machine by completing various tasks. The tasks vary from simply logging in to the game or playing various game modes to acquire components needed to assemble the time machine. More details about Natan’s New Adventure web event in Mobile Legends can be found below.

Natan's New Adventure Event in Mobile Legends details

Moonton has released a new web event for Mobile Legends in collaboration with its Idle RPG title MLA. The event rewards players with free skins of up to Epic or Starlight tier while MLA players will also receive various in-game loots such as Caskets and Hero Fragments. The event is currently ongoing and will last until 6th Aug 2021.

New Web Event for Mobile Legends and MLA


How to play Natan’s New Adventure web event in Mobile Legends

1. Players can enter the web event by heading to the official event page by clicking on the link provided. You will need to open the link on your mobile device in order to log in using your Mobile Legends or MLA account.

2. You will undergo a short tutorial on how to assemble the time machine and earn rewards.

3. After the tutorial, you can tap on the “Get More Units” button to access simple tasks that reward components that you need to complete the time machine.

4. Once you have three components, you tap on the “Star Making” button to attach them to your time machine.

5. After completing a certain number of components, you can claim various rewards from trial cards to permanent Epic Tier skins.

You have to complete 16 components to get all the rewards.


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