PUBG Mobile Permanently Bans Over 1.3 Million Accounts for Hacking and Cheating


PUBG Mobile Permanently Bans Over 1.3 Million Accounts for Hacking and Cheating

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • PUBG Mobile hits the cheating community with the 'Pan Ban' as they permanently ban more than 1.3 million player accounts.
  • Surprisingly a high percentage of these banned accounts belonged to players from the Diamond, Crown, and Ace rank tiers.
  • The most common cheats and hacks for which players were banned are Modification of Character Models, Speed Hacks, and Area Damage Modification.

PUBG Mobile has once again dropped the famous ‘Ban Pan’ to slam the cheating community hard. The game has issue a permanent ban to 1,354,783 accounts which can no longer access the game. The main reasons for these bans were modifications to the character model, speed hacks, and a few other types of PUBG Mobile cheats. All these accounts were banned last week between 4-10 June, with the developers even providing a detailed breakdown by player rank and cheating method. This is not the first time that the PUBG Mobile developers have issued a massive ban wave. The last such action was taken by 24 May 2021 when over 1.1 million PUBG Mobile accounts faced a similar punishment.

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PUBG Mobile Permanently Suspends 1,354,783 Accounts

This is not the first time that PUBG Mobile is delivering a massive ban wave which they refer to as the ‘Ban Pan’. In the past at least four such ban waves have occurred, with more than a million accounts being permanently banned on average across every single instance. The most number of PUBG Mobile accounts that have been banned within a week's time are 1,498,044 back in December 2020. 

Similarly, this time around 1.3 million accounts have been permanently disabled from accessing the game over the course of the last week. Here is a detailed breakdown of the same as provided by the developers.

The rank distribution of the permanently banned PUBG Mobile accounts shows that the majority of the cheaters belonged to the higher ranks like Diamond, Crown, and Ace.

PUBG Mobile Permanently Bans Over 1.3 Million Accounts for Hacking and Cheating

Cheaters across the Diamond, Crown, and Ace rank tiers collectively contributed to 57% (772,226) of all the banned accounts. The Crown tier contributed to the most number of banned accounts with a surprising 23% (311,600 accounts).


Additionally, PUBG Mobile also provided details about the various cheats and hacks because of which these accounts were banned. ‘Modification of Character Models’  topped this list with 45% of the player accounts being suspended due to this, followed by ‘Speed Hacks’ at 15%, and ‘Area Damage Modification’ at 10%. 

PUBG Mobile Permanently Bans Over 1.3 Million Accounts for Hacking and Cheating

These three hacks combined contributed to 70% of the total cases, amounting to roughly about 948,348 player accounts. ‘Auto Aim Hacks’ and ‘Wall Hack’ were also listed as reasons with 9% and 8% accounts being banned cause of them, respectively.

Modification of Character Models
Speed Hacks
Area Damage Modification
Auto Aim Hacks
Wall Hack

Types of Cheats and Hacks in PUBG Mobile


This cheat assists a player in landing headshots accurately every single time Even if they are not aiming anywhere near the head the shots will keep resulting in headshot every single time that a bullet is fired towards an enemy player. As seen above about 9% players using this kind of a cheat were handed a permanent ban.

No Recoil

Every gun in a shooter game has a particular recoil pattern that a player needs to learn in order to spray from it efficiently. This skill takes time and dedication to learn and master which all the players do not possess, so they simply opt for a 'No Recoil' cheat which eliminates recoil from the weapon altogether.


This is one of the oldest and most commonly used cheats across almost every game title that requires shooting and strategy. It simply allows a user to see enemy players through solid objects like walls, boxes, and more, giving them additional information and an unfair advantage.     

Flying or Jumping High

This is another cheat that directly affects the players mobility within the game allowing them to jump way higher than normally possible and in some cases simply flying around the map.


Although not used very commonly an ESP cheat is an evolved form of a Wallhack as it covers almost the entire map instead of being limited to a players field of view. It also gives additional information like what is inside a crate, drop, enemies position, what vehicles they have, and more.

Speed Hacks

This cheat allows a player to move at an accelerated pace throughout the game, making them more mobile while also allowing them to cover huge distances faster. With a large number of PUBG Mobile accounts getting banned due to this cheat, it is obviously being used by a lot of players with the developers keeping a sharp eye on such users.

Health Hack

As the name suggests this hack allows players extra health which allows them to jump into a battle fearlessly as they simply cannot be killed.

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