List of Mobile Legends Events for June 2021



List of Mobile Legends Events for June 2021

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  • Moonton has revealed the upcoming events for June 2021 in Mobile Legends.
  • The MSC Champion Celebration event is currently underway.
  • The upcoming events feature the new Hero Squad skin, the Project Next 2021 update, the conclusion of the Ranked Season 20, and many more.

Moonton has announced the MSC Champion Celebration event in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang to celebrate the conclusion of the MSC 2021. In order to participate,  players simply need to log in from 14 June  to 18 June  and claim a champion chest that contains either the trial card or a permanent skin for Granger called "Lightborn - Overrider." Along with the MSC Champion Celebration event, an events calendar has also been announced, revealing the upcoming events for June 2021. This includes the hero revamps for the Project Next 2021 update, the Season 20 exclusive skin reward, Esmeralda Hero Squad Skins, and much more. Here is an in-depth look at what events are on the horizon for MLBB in June 2021. 

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List of upcoming MLBB events in June 2021

MSC Champion Celebration event (14 - 18 June)

Players will have a chance to acquire a permanent skin for Granger called "Lightborn - Overrider" by simply logging in from June 14 until June 18, 2021, and claiming their champion chest in the event menu.

List of Mobile Legends Events for June 2021
Get a chance to win a permanent skin.

The chest may contain either a Trial Card (1 Day) or permanent Granger "Lightborn - Overrider" skin. 

Project Next 2021: Hero Revamps Release

The three heroes Karina, Alpha, and Minotaur will soon receive their long-awaited revamp on 15 June 2021. The revamp will improve their visual models to fit the modern style of Mobile Legends. A few changes to their abilities will also be implemented to help them keep up with the meta.

The Project Next 2021 is a major update for Mobile Legends and will feature tons of improvements for both visual and mechanical aspects of the game. The first batch of the update will focus on the hero revamps for Karina, Alpha, and Minotaur. The second update will focus on in-game equipment adjustments. The third part will overhaul the in-game interface and deliver more customizations in the game. 

Ranked Season 20 Exclusive Skin Kaja “Crow Magician” (19 June)

The ranked season 20 of ML will soon end on 19 June 2021. This season’s exclusive skin reward is for Kaja and is called “Crow Magician.” The Kaja Crow Magician skin can be acquired for free by reaching Master and above rank before season 20 ends. This skin will only be available for ranked season 20 and may not be made available in the future. 

List of Mobile Legends Events for June 2021
Season 20 ends on June 19, 2021.

Hero Squad Themed Draw (21 June)

The fifth superhero skin Esmeralda ”The Foreseer” will be released in Mobile Legends on 21 June through a draw event. Similar to the previous Hero Squad skins, the themed draw event will feature other rewards such as borders, emotes, and other cosmetics alongside the grand prize of an Esmeralda ”The Foreseer” skin. 

List of Mobile Legends Events for June 2021
The new Hero Squad skin can only be acquire through the draw event.

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Call Back Friends Event in MLBB (June 19, 2021)

The call back friends event in ML gives players a chance to win as many as 9,999 Diamonds or even the Lapu-Lapu “Vulcan” skin by simply inviting their inactive friends back into the game. The event will arrive on 19 June 2021. More details will be provided at a later date.

List of Mobile Legends Events for June 2021
Invite your inactive friends to return to MLBB to acquire free skins and diamonds.

Other Upcoming Mobile Legends Event

Aside from the major events that are arriving in Mobile Legends soon, here are a few more events that are confirmed for later this month.

  • 15 June: Lunox “Eyes of Eternity” Skin Release
  • 15 June: Hero Revamp and Skin Discount 
  • 17 June: Leomord “Triumph - Eagle” Skin Returns
  • 18 June: MSC 2021 MVP Hero Skin Discount (30% Off)

These are just a few of the upcoming content for Mobile Legends. The release dates of the second and third phases of the Project Next 2021 are yet to be revealed. The MLBB x Star Wars collaboration event is also expected to arrive sometime in July 2021.

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