PUBG Mobile 1.5 Beta Update: How to Download, New Features, Patch Notes, and More

PUBG Mobile 1.5 Beta Update: How to Download, New Features, Patch Notes, and More

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • The new PUBG Mobile 1.5 Beta Update has officially gone live for testing and registered players have already started playing it.
  • Some key features that will be going live with this update includes Anti-Gravity Motorcycle, New Weapon, New Graphics Settings, and More.
  • Interested players can check out how to get their hands on the update along with the complete patch notes.

The PUBG Mobile 1.5 Update is now released on the beta server, and testers can download it to try out all the upcoming new features and changes, which also allows the devs to fix glitches and bugs before the patch is released globally. Early access has given key insight into the coming update, which brings a new event called ‘Matrix Arena,’ a new transport system on Erangel called ‘Hyperlines,’ a structure called ‘Air Conveyor’ Anti-Gravity Motorcycle, and more.

Read on to find out everything that the new PUBG Mobile 1.5 Beta Update is bringing along with it, details on certain key highlights, and how you can get your hands on this upcoming update in advance.

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PUBG Mobile 1.5 Beta Update - Complete Information

The upcoming 1.5 Beta Update for PUBG Mobile has gone live for registered testers who are currently trying out all the features that are set to be introduced with the new patch. The developers have done a great job with some of the new features that are about to make their way into the game, taking inspiration from a few other titles like Apex Legends and PUBG: New State.

PUBG Mobile 1.5 Beta Update: Key Features and Patch Notes

Erangel Transit System - Hyperlines

A new transit system called Hyperlines is being introduced to the PUBG Mobile map Erangel. This high-speed transit system is nothing but a levitating transport that looks like a futuristic train that runs without any tracks. It seems to have multiple routes spread throughout the map and players will be able to board them from specific stations, where these vehicles will be halting for just 10 seconds.

Erangel Transport System - Hyperlines

Air Conveyer Launcher

A structure called Air Conveyer Launcher will be introduced to PUBG Mobile which will allow players to literally launch themselves in the air, towards a particular direction. These structures will be found in some urban areas across various maps, with players being able to control the direction and height of their launch before taking off.

This seems to be inspired by another Battle Royale title called Apex Legends and has been added to facilitate a faster mode of transportation. Players will now be able to cover huge distances quickly, while also adding an additional gameplay component that allows for more vertical engagements.

Air Conveyor Structure - PUBG Mobile 1.5 Update

Anti-Gravity Motorcycle

New transportation vehicles called Anti-Gravity Motorcycle will also be added to PUBG Mobile along with the new update. This bike will be able to levitate in mid-air, hovering over both land and water at a low altitude. Apart from being an amphibious mode of transportation, it might also allegedly be faster than the regular bike.

Anti-Gravity Motorcycle - PUBG Mobile 1.5 Update

Guardian Robots

Special robotic dogs will be added to the game which will help players to check for high-quality combat supplies in an area. These robots will be found in particular urban areas, acting as a limited-range scanner when activated to help players equip themselves better.

Guardian Robot - PUBG Mobile In-Game

New Weapon: MG3 Light Machine Gun

The highly awaited light machine gun MG3 is finally arriving in PUBG Mobile along with the new update. The gun which will be classified under the ‘heavy weapon’ class will be an airdrop exclusive weapon, making use of the 7.62mm ammo with a flexible rate of fire that users can adjust anytime between 660 rounds per minute and 990 rounds per minute.

MG3 Light Machine Gun - New Weapon PUBG Mobile

New Game Mode: Matrix Arena

Though not much information is currently known about this game mode, one thing that is known for sure is that it will be a futuristic event that will have its own playable mode in Classic matches.

New Graphics Settings

A whole new graphics settings will be making their way to PUBG Mobile along with the new update. This will be a blessing for all the users with a low-end device as the new setting specifically targets them. 

The developers have added a new setting that is one-notch lower than the current lowest settings, providing more FPS to low-end device players.

New Graphics Settings for Low End Devices

Prior Air Summoning Device

This device can be used in urban areas across all maps to summon a Prior Air Drone for an airdrop.

Tactical Telescope or Binoculars

This special equipment will be added to the game with the purpose of scouting enemy players. The ranged scope will make it easier to spot distant enemies and even mark them for other allied players on the team.

Throwables and Consumables 

A new wheel format has been added to make it easier for PUBG Mobile players to use throwable and consumable items.

  • Upon swiping the Consumable/Throwable icon players will be able to open the wheel and switch or use items.

  • Players also have an option to enable the ‘Quick Throw’ feature available in the settings menu. Once enabled, players can simply hold the Throwable icon to instantly use that item.

  • Players can additionally enable the ‘Quick Wheel Throw’ feature as well which is available in the settings menu. Once enabled, players can simply swipe the wheel and upon briefly selecting the intended Throwable icon, will instantly use that item.

Victory Statue 

After claiming victory, players will now be able to summon a statue to both show-off and celebrate: The MVP of the winning team will further be able to summon a Victory Statue to any specified location and on top of players will further be able to use special celebratory emotes near this Victory Statue.

Victory Snaps 

Players will now be able to enter a ‘Photo Mode’ after securing a victory in classic game mode. They will have the option to choose whether to hide or display their teammate information while in this mode, and the best part is that after fishing taking their photos players can even share them.

Ammo Indicator

One of the new feature being added is an indicator that informs a player about the status of their ammo. Whenever a magazine is close to getting over, the number indicating your remaining ammo will change colour as follows,

  • The number will turn Yellow when 25% ammo remains.
  • The number will turn Red when 10% ammo remains.

How to Download PUBG Mobile 1.5 Beta update

All those interested in getting their hands on the PUBG Mobile 1.5 Beta Update can simply follow the steps mentioned below,

  1. First, players need to open the ‘Events’ tab within PUBG Mobile.

  2. Then click on the ‘Recommended’ section.

  3. Players then need to tap on the ‘Get It‘ option within the ‘Beta Test Invitation’ section.

  4. You will then be directed to the site of the ‘Beta Server’ and will from here you will have to claim your unique invitation code.

  5. After this, you will get an option to install the 1.5 Beta Update Version APK, which you’ll have to click and it will automatically update the game.
Invitation to the PUBG Mobile Beta Test

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