A1 Esports Announces the Departure of Their PUBG Mobile Team A1 1952

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  • A1 Esports officially announces the departure of their PUBG Mobile team A1 1952.
  • 1952 had parted ways with A1 more than a month back on May 6. FutureStation Esports acquired them until the end of 2021.
  • There was a lot of confusion concerning the ownership of 1952 for a few weeks now, finally being resolved following A1 Esports' announcement.

The Bangladeshi Esports Organization A1 Esports announced the departure of their PUBG Mobile Team A1 1952 earlier today, on June 7. There had been a lot of confusion within the South Asian PUBG Mobile community for a few weeks now, concerning the ownership of the 1952 roster. This is because FutureStation Esports had announced on May 6 that the 1952 squad would be representing them for the rest of the year, starting with the PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) - Season 1 2021: South Asia Championship. However, no official statement regarding this acquisition had been released by A1 Esports until today, when they came forward to directly announce the departure of their PUBG Mobile team.

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A1 Esports Bids Farewell to Their PUBG Mobile Team A1 1952

A1 Esports has finally announced the departure of the 1952 PUBG Mobile roster, bringing all the doubt and confusion to an immediate stop. After playing under the A1 banner for the last 8 months starting November 2020, the 1952 roster has now been acquired by FutureStation Esports until the end of 2021.

During their time with A1 Esports, 1952 managed to qualify for the upcoming PMPL - S1 2021: South Asia Championship, along with many other achievements. Unfortunately, moving forward the 1952 roster will go on to compete as ‘FutureStation 1952’ (FS 1952), which includes both the recently concluded PUBG Mobile Campus Championship (PMCC) Bangladesh 2021 and the upcoming PUBG Mobile South Asian Championship also.

1952 Wins PMCC Bangladesh 2021 With FutureStation

Earlier, A1 Esports had claimed that the 1952 squad under their banner had gone on to successfully defend their PMCC Bangladesh 2021 title. But an Instagram post published by FutureStation Esports on June 7 had claimed otherwise, stating that it was FS 1952 who were the champions of the tournament.

A1 Esports Announces the Departure of Their PUBG Mobile Team A1 1952

The confusion that followed led many South Asian PUBG Mobile fans to point out that it was not FS 1952 who had won the tournament, but A1 1952. They were a bit annoyed by FutureStation’s announcement, mainly because the majority of them were unaware of the fact that 1952 had already been acquired by them on May 6 itself.

However, the situation is now under control as an update on the matter has been provided by A1 Esports, who came forward to correct their farewell message by congratulating FutureStation for winning the PMCC Bangladesh along with the 1952 squad while stating, “These guys will always be family for us”.

A1 Esports Announces the Departure of Their PUBG Mobile Team A1 1952

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Having played as A1 1952 for 8 months from Nov 2020 to May 2021, the roster has grown a lot, managing to make their way into the South Asian Championship. Their success at PMCC Bangladesh, winning the event twice in consecutive years (2020, 2021) also speaks volumes about their growth not only as players but as a complete team.

While A1 Esports is without a PUBG Mobile roster at the moment, the FutureStation 1952 PUBG Mobile lineup is as follows,

  • SeaWine
  • SharpX
  • Magnet
  • TowfiK
  • Entry

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