Yawi Leaves Nexplay Esports Bootcamp


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Yawi Leaves Nexplay Esports Bootcamp

John Dave Rossel
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  • Tristan “Yawi” Cabrera, has announced his departure from Nexplay Esports' Bootcamp.
  • Yawi stated that he will take a quick break and head home for now before he joins a Mobile Legends team for MPL PH Season 8.
  • The pro player is yet to reveal which team he will be joining for the upcoming season.

Update: A previous version of this article claimed that Yawi had officially departed from Nexplay Esports' Mobile Legends teams. That was incorrect since neither the team nor the player has officially announced the departure. The player had only departed from the team's Bootcamp. The article has been updated to reflect the most accurate narrative.

One of Nexplay Esports’ “Big Three”, Tristan “Yawi” Cabrera, has officially announced his departure from the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang esports team's bootcamp. Yawi stated that he will take a quick break and head home for now before he joins a new Mobile Legends team. Nexplay’s head coach Setsuna “Akosi Dogie” Ignacio has been hinting at the departure of Yawi and two other members - John Paul “H2wo” Cabrera and Renejay “Renejay” Barcarse. With the upcoming MPL PH Season 8 expected to transition to a franchise league model, the pro player is yet to reveal which team he will be joining.

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Yawi Bids Farewell to Nexplay Esports

In a vlog uploaded on YouTube, Yawi announced that he will be heading home to take a break from MLBB before joining a new team for the next season of the MPL PH. In the vlog, Yawi said an emotional farewell to his Nexplay family as he packed his bags.

“So, I’m gonna take a break, before heading to another war, another journey on my new team,” said Yawi. 

He further added that despite his departure, he hopes that his fans will still support the “Big Three” (Yawi, H2wo, and Renejay), no matter which team they choose to join. He then proceeds to head outside the boot camp where Akosi Dogie was waiting and discussed their future plans.

“For your next team, I hope you guys lose,” Dogie jokingly said to Yawi as they said their goodbyes to each other. 

For now, fans will have to keep their eyes peeled for an official announcement about when Yawi will be back to competing in Mobile Legends.

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Akosi Dogie Hints at the Departure of the “Big Three”

Nexplay Esports’ head coach Akosi Dogie has revealed in a few of his vlogs last week that three of the team’s best players Yawi, H2wo, and Renejay, popularly known as the “Big Three” in Mobile Legends esports, might be leaving the team soon. Dogie stated that the three members received a lot of offers from other teams with Yawi receiving the most.

“I don’t want to drop names (teams) because it’s confidential, but for Yawi, there are five teams making offers, which is surprising, (along with) two offers for H2wo and two for Renejay,” stated Akosi Dogie in one of his vlogs.

The coach further added that the three pro players were given one week to decide whether they will accept one of the offers or stay on with Nexplay Esports. 

With an impressive 2.53 KDA ratio which comprised 60 kills and 331 assists over the course of the MPL PH Season 7, Yawi is one of the most promising MLBB esports pros in the Philippines. It will be interesting to see if Yawi performs under a new team in the upcoming MPL PH Season 8.

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