Blacklist International Claim the Championship Crown Against Execration in the MPL PH Season 7 Grand Finals


Blacklist International

Blacklist International Claim the Championship Crown Against Execration in the MPL PH Season 7 Grand Finals

John Dave Rossel
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  • Blacklist International claimed victory against Execration in the MPL PH Season 7 grand finals with a 4-3 score.
  • Following the two grand finalists are Aura PH in third place and Bren Esports in fourth place.
  • Blacklist International and Execration will represent the Philippines in the upcoming MSC 2021.

After a long and perilous journey in the MPL PH Season 7, Blacklist International claimed victory in a fist-clenching BO7 grand final against Execration. The final score was 4-3 in favor of Blacklist who will take home the title of champions while Execration bags second place. Following the two grand finalists are Aura PH in third place and Bren Esports in fourth place. On top of their achievements in the MPL PH Season 7, Blacklist International and Execration will represent the Philippines in the upcoming Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Southeast Asia Cup (MSC) 2021. Here is a quick recap of all the action that transpired during the MPL PH Season 7 grand finals.

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MPL PH Season 7 Grand Finals: How it Went

Game One: A Good Start for Execration

In the first match, both teams were very careful to the point they barely took any kills. Execration prioritized farming and split pushing which worked perfectly in their favor, forcing Blacklist International to play passively and give up objectives. 18-minutes in the game, a fight emerged in the Lord Pit with Danerie "Wise" Rosario pulling an impressive outplay with his Yi Shun-Shin, successfully stealing the Lord at a cost of losing three of his teammates. Blacklist efficiently made use of the Lord to defend their base and protected it long enough to destroy all of Execration's bottom turrets. This was all for nothing, as later on, Blacklist got wiped out in a teamfight and Execration immediately ended the match, securing game one in their favor.

Wise going in for the Lord steal.

Game Two: E2MAX’s Yve is Too Much for Blacklist International

Caidic "E2MAX" James’ Yve proved too powerful as Blacklist struggled to win team fights in the early game. Blacklist had a hard time pushing turrets as Renz "Renzio" Cadua’s Gloo was always there to defend their turrets. Kiel "Keilvj " Harnandez’s Roger snowballed so early into the match that he started wiping Blacklist’s entire team in every fight. Execration finished the game without delay, winning for the second time in the grand finals of MPL PH Season 7. 

Blacklist barely got any kills in the match.

Game Three: Wise Went Unstoppable With His Yi Sun-Shin

In the third match, it became a race to see who gets to farm faster. Blacklist managed to take control of the map, securing a total of three turtles for Wise at the 6-minute mark, while Execration tried their best to get kills and secure the bottom lane. At the 7-minute mark, Blacklist secured their first turret kill in the bottom lane, forcing Renzio’s Gloo to fall back. Blacklist captured the empowered Lord at the 13-minute mark, allowing them to gain an advantage, opening top lane for them. Execration were desperate at this point and tried to engage in hopes of winning a team fight. However, they suffered miserably and got wiped out, allowing Blacklist to finish the game and secure their first win in the grand final.

Execration tried to engage but failed to win a team fight.

Game Four: Execration Bites Back

In game four, Blacklist had a slight hiccup in the early game, giving Execration two kills and two turtles. However, they managed to recover as Wise managed to steal the third Turtle with his Yi Sun-Shin. Execration continued to dominate the match as Renzio’s Gloo kept holding Blacklist back given how tanky he was. A sliver of hope emerged as Wise managed to steal a Lord at the 18-minute mark. However, it was short lived as Blacklist eventually got wiped out after the Lord steal which allowed Execration to end the game and take the win.

Wise stole another Lord with his Yi Sun-Shin.

Game Five: Execration Failed to Win Against Wise’s Yi Sun-Shin

In the fifth match, Blacklist dominated the early game with a gold lead of 7K over Execration at the 10-minute mark. Renzio couldn’t do anything in a team fight as his Gloo melted like butter. Execration didn’t even bother contesting when the Lord was being taken away by Blacklist at the 12-minute mark. Wise’s Yi- Sun-Shin dominated the entire match, forcing Execration to fall back and play defensively. Every team fight that Execration engaged in, they always lost. After taking their second Lord, Blacklist went all out in the middle lane and secured their second win. 

Renzio's Gloo Couldn't Tank Much Damage

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Game Six: Eson’s Hooks Scared-Off Execration

In the sixth match, Execration went in with a burst team, sacrificing Crowd Control (CC) for a massive mobility team lineup. Meanwhile, Blacklist stuck with what they are good at and went for a balance of offensive and defensive hero composition. Mark "Eson" Gerardo played Franco. His accurate hooks managed to ruin Execration’s composure, giving Blacklist the edge they needed to take control of the whole map. 19 minutes into the match, Execration’s bottom lane was wide open with Lord captured by Blacklist International. Execration tried to defend their base but Blacklist already had everything they needed to win. The match ended with Blacklist securing a third win, leading to a deciding game seven.

Eson with his accurate hooks lead Blacklist to victory.

Game Seven: Blacklist International Took the Crown of Champions

In the final match of the series, Execration kept pressuring Wise’s Aldous and kept him from farming efficiently. However, this didn’t stop Wise from securing a Turtle, three minutes into the game. Kiel’s Ling was extremely mobile, allowing him to provide vision and look for potential skirmishes. However, Wise was already snowballing so hard at the 9-minute mark, forcing Execration to play defensively. 12 minutes into the game, Blacklist was already in full control of the whole map, preventing Execration from farming and securing objectives. A few minutes later, Blacklist went marching down the middle lane with the Lord. Execration went all out and barely managed to defend their base, giving them a few minutes to breath. However, at the 18 minute mark, Blacklist went for another all-in push in the middle lane and closed out the game, earning the title of champions of MPL PH Season 7.

After 7 Matches, Blacklist finally took the crown of MPL PH Season 7.

It was a very long yet exciting grand final in the MPL PH Season 7. Blacklist International will be going home with the championship title while Execration will have to settle for second place despite a mighty comeback from the lower brackets. Both teams will represent the Philippines in the upcoming MSC 2021.

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