Wild Rift Patch 2.3 Preview: What to Expect


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Wild Rift Patch 2.3 Preview: What to Expect

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  • Lucian, Riven, Irelia, and Senna are coming to Wild Rift.
  • New features like the Close Friend System along with a few quality of life changes will also be implemented.
  • Ranked Season 3 will soon kickoff with a new skin reward named 'Glorious Lulu'.

Riot Games has showcased a ton of new content that will soon arrive along with the upcoming League of Legends: Wild Rift Patch 2.3 update. According to the recent dev diary episode (a show where Riot Games’ employees provide insight about its game to the community), four new champions will arrive in the game. Along with this, there will be changes to runes, new skins, events, and some quality of life updates . The devs have also revealed the upcoming Glorious skin for Ranked Season 3 featuring the support champion Lulu. If you are curious about the upcoming content for Wild Rift Patch 2.3, here is a quick rundown of changes  that you can expect to see in the game soon. 

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What’s New in Wild Rift Patch 2.3

Four New LoL Wild Rift Champions

Four new champions will be arriving in Wild Rift - Riven, Irelia, Lucian, and Senna. Players who are familiar with League of Legends PC will know that both Riven and Irelia are champions that are mechanically hard to play, Lucian is a marksman with high mobility, and Senna is the first marksman with support oriented abilities.

Wild Rift Patch 2.3 Preview: What to Expect
Lucian, Riven, Irelia, and Senna are coming to Wild Rift

Riven and Irelia will be the first set of champions to arrive in Wild Rift through an event called 'Broken Blades'. In order to unlock them for free players will have to complete missions related to the two champions.

Rune System Changes

The rune system in Wild Rift Patch 2.3 will also undergo massive changes, replacing some of the runes while balancing the ones that still remain in the game. Riot Games’ goal is to make every rune usable with clear strengths and weaknesses. 

The objective of the new rune system is to add diversity to every match instead of just using the same rune setup for every champion. The upcoming update will also make it easy for new players to build their rune setup, as the effects are much easier to understand and less complicated. A complete rundown of the Rune System changes can be found here.

Close Friends Feature

Players who enjoy playing Wild Rift with their friends will soon have access to a new system that will allow them to flex their friendship in-game. As part of the Close Friends feature, by playing together and gifting each other in-game goodies players will be able to level up their friendship and gain rewards.

Wild Rift Patch 2.3 Preview: What to Expect
Close Friends System Will Arrive in Patch 2.3
Broken Blades Event

A new event will also arrive along with Wild Rift patch 2.3 called 'Broken Blades'. The event will feature the two new champions Irelia and Riven.

Wild Rift Patch 2.3 Preview: What to Expect
Broken Blades Event Will Arrive Shortly After the Patch 2.3 Update

Players will choose between the two champions and complete missions to unlock their selected champion for free along with additional in-game loot.

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Ranked Season 3 Reward - Glorious Lulu

Ranked Season 3 will soon kickoff with a new skin reward named 'Glorious Lulu' for players who reach a rank of Gold 4 and above. The start of Ranked Season 3 in Wild Rift is yet to be announced.

Wild Rift Patch 2.3 Preview: What to Expect
Glorious Lulu is the Ranked Season 3 Reward

The current ranked season 2 is still ongoing with 'Glorious Jinx' as the reward for reaching a rank of Gold 4 and above. Players who are yet to reach the Gold rank in the current season still have ample time to climb the ladder and acquire the skin reward.

Quality of Life Updates

In Wild Rift patch 2.3, Riot Games has a added a few updates that will improve the game’s performance and usability for players,

  • Dual-Channel Communication - This allows the game to automatically select the best network connection when available.

  • Network Test - This allows players to check and diagnose their connection before heading into a match.

  • Switch Draft Order - This allows players to switch their drafting positions in ranked games with other players.

New Skins

Wild Rift Patch 2.3 Preview: What to Expect
New Skins Will Be Released in Wild Rift

Here are the new skins coming to Wild Rift along with Patch 2.3;

  • Battle Academia Lux
  • Battle Academia Ezreal
  • Battle Boss Ziggs
  • Arcade Kai’Sa
  • Galaxy Slayer Zed
  • Order of the Lotus Irrelia
  • Pool Party Renekton
  • Pool Party Lee Sin
  • Pool Party Leona
  • Hired Gun Lucian
  • True Damage Senna

This is just a sneak peak into what the upcoming Wild Rift Patch 2.3 has to offer. Additional content will be revealed once the full patch notes are released by Riot Games.

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