PUBG Mobile Bans Over 1.1 Million Accounts for Using Cheats and Hacks

PUBG Mobile Bans Over 1.1 Million Accounts for Using Cheats and Hacks

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  • PUBG Mobile hits the cheating community with the 'Pan Ban' as they suspend more than 1.1 million player accounts.
  • Surprisingly a high percentage of these banned accounts belonged to players from the Platinum, Diamond, Crown, and Ace rank tiers.
  • The most common cheats and hacks for which players were banned are Speed Hacks, Auto-Aim Hacks, and Area Damage Modification.

PUBG Mobile has come forward to deliver the cheating community a huge blow by dropping the ‘Ban Pan’ once again. This time a total of 1,150,483 PUBG Mobile accounts were permanently banned between 14-20 May for using various cheats and hacks. A detailed breakdown of the ban wave was provided showcasing, the number of accounts banned across the different ranks and the reasons for which these accounts were banned from accessing the game. This is not the first time that PUBG Mobile is handing out such bans, they previously suspended 2,948,278 accounts in December last year along with similar statistical breakdown.

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More Than 1.1 Million PUBG Mobile Accounts Suspended

PUBG Mobile has dropped another ‘Ban Pan’ similar to the two that they had dropped in December last year. While more than 1.4 million accounts were suspended each time in the past, this time around 1.1 million accounts were banned within a period of just one week, 14-20 May.

The rank distribution of the banned PUBG Mobile accounts shows that the majority of the cheaters belonged to the Bronze tier, a staggering 33% which amounts to approximately 379,659 player accounts. While this was kind of an expected statistic considering that low skilled players tend to use cheats to gain an advantage and achieve a better rank, it was surprising to witness a surge of cheaters across the Platinum, Diamond, Crown, and Ace rank tiers.

The 4 upper ranked tiers together consisted of 47% of the suspended accounts, which amounts to approximately more than half a million banned player accounts, 540,727 to be precise. It is quite concerning that cheaters and hackers were able to reach such high ranks in the game, but PUBG Mobile seems to be vigilant taking appropriate actions every now and then.

PUBG Mobile Bans Over 1.1 Million Accounts for Using Cheats and Hacks

Additionally, PUBG Mobile also provided details about the various cheats and hacks because of which these accounts were banned. ‘Speed Hacks’ topped this list with 17% of the player accounts being suspended due to it, closely followed by ‘Auto-Aim Hacks’ at 11%, and ‘Area Damage Modification’ at 15%.

These three hacks combined contributed to 43% of the total cases, amounting to roughly about 494,708 player accounts. ‘Wall Hack’ and ‘Character Model Modification’ were also listed as reasons with 8% and 9% accounts being banned cause of them, respectively.

PUBG Mobile Bans Over 1.1 Million Accounts for Using Cheats and Hacks

PUBG Mobile anti-cheating report can be received both positively and negatively. This is because the total number of accounts banned this time is lower than the previous instances, which may be perceived as an overall lower number of cheating activity in-game or simply a drop in the efficiency of the anti-cheat.

However, the developers are doing a good job with these occasional ban waves which sends  out a loud and clear message to those players that are involved in such cheating and hacking activities.

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