MPL PH Season 7 Week 7 Recap

MPL PH Season 7 Week 7 Recap

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  • The teams who will proceed to the playoffs have been decided with Laus Playbook Esports and Cignal Ultra eliminated from the competition.
  • The MPL PH Season 7 Playoffs will start on May 26, 2021.
  • Here is a quick recap of the matches that took place at MPL PH Season 7 Week 7.

The seventh week of the MPL PH Season 7 has recently concluded with each team giving it their all before the regular season ends. The teams who will proceed to the playoffs have been decided with Laus Playbook Esports and Cignal Ultra eliminating them from the competition. Bren Esports redeemed themselves in week 7 of MPL PH after a disappointing run in the first few weeks of season 7. They now claim second place in Group A. Blacklist International and Aura PH sit comfortably at the top ranks of their respective groups and have secured their spots in the top bracket of the playoffs. Here is a quick recap of the matches that took place at MPL PH Season 7 Week 7.

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MPL PH Season 7 - Week 7 Day 1 (May 14)

Execration vs Laus Playbook Esports (2-0)

After a massive outplay in the opening match, Execration proceeded to dominate Laus Playbook Esports in the second game as Kiel "Kielvj " Harnandez’s Ling and Kelra’s Claude led the charge. Playbook had a slight chance to flip the tide in their favor as they tried to secure a Lord. However, with crucial retribution from KielVJ, the team managed to steal Playbook’s remaining hope of winning the match at the 11-minute mark. After the intense Lord steal by Execration, they proceeded to take down the enemy turrets and secured a win. 

MPL PH Season 7 Week 7 Recap
KielVJ stole the Lord from LPE.

Aura PH vs Onic PH (1-2)

Onic was doing fairly well in the first game. However, constant flanks from Aura’s Frederic "Bennyqt" Gonzales’s Esmeralda kept Onic PH in a bad spot which ultimately led to their defeat in the first game. 

In the second and third matches, Onic pulled off back-to-back wins as Kairi "Kairi" Rayosdelsol picked Selena, one of his best heroes throughout his MPL PH Season 7 run. Kairi’s rotations kept Aura PH from securing objectives and turrets which pushed them against a wall. During the third game, a team fight occurred in the jungle at the 18-minute mark which cost Aura PH their whole team. After securing a wipeout, Onic immediately finished the game and claimed their second win.

MPL PH Season 7 - Week 7 Day 2 (May 15)    

Blacklist International vs Nexplay Esports (2-1)

Jhon "H2wo" Salonga’s Ling dominated the early game during the first match. However, Danerie "Wise" Rosario’s Yi Sun-Shin managed to carry his team during the late game with the help of Jhonmar "OhMyV33nus" Villaluna’s Estes to secure a win.

Blacklist tried to pull off a Diggie strategy on Nexplay during game two but suffered at the hands of H2wo’s Lancelot. Blacklist picked Diggie for the second time in game three, but this time, they opted to finish the game as early as possible by shredding Nexplay’s gold shield turrets as fast as possible with OhMyV33nus’s Popol and Kupa. This spiked Blacklist’s gold lead by up to 5K at the 10-minute mark. Renejay "RENEJAY" Barcarse did his best to delay Blacklist’s inevitable power spike with his Chou but it didn’t work out well for Nexplay. Nexplay secured a win with a score of two wins and one loss in the match. 

MPL PH Season 7 Week 7 Recap
Blacklist Used the Diggie Strategy against Nexplay Esports.

Cignal Ultra vs Bren Esports (0-2)

Bren Esports had a pretty smooth run in the first game against Cignal Ultra. Angelo "Pheww" Arcangel’s Yve proved too much for CU as they kept getting bombarded by Real World Manipulation which ruined their team formation. 

CU almost had their chance at redemption when Arvie “Aquaboy” Calderon’s Claude tried to secure the Lord at the 18-minute mark. However, a slight misplay from Aquaboy allowed Pheww to steal the lord for Bren Esports, allowing them to take their second win. 

MPL PH Season 7 Week 7 Recap
Pheww managed to steal Cignal Ultra's Lord.

Omega Esports vs Laus Playbook Esports (2-0)

Playbook struggled throughout the opening match as Salic "Hadjizy" Iman’s Granger dominated the map. Omega never gave Playbook a chance to recover as the first match ended with a 16-2 score. 

In the second game, Nowee "Ryota" Macasa flexed his mechanical skills by picking Fanny which proved useful during the early game. However, the game went sour for Playbook as Adrian “Toshi” Bacallo’s Esmeralda took control of the whole map in the mid game, preventing them from securing objectives. At the 16-minute mark, Omega Esports closed the game with a 2-0 clean sweep.

MPL PH Season 7 Week 7 Recap
Omega Esports secured the Lord.

MPL PH Season 7 - Week 7 Day 3 (May 16)

Work Auster Force vs Laus Playbook Esports (2-1)

Playbook had an easy run in the opening match with Joshua “Aspect” Tating leading the charge with his Granger. Work Auster Force didn’t find an opening throughout the match as Aspect simply kept providing pressure for the team. 

The second match allowed Work Auster Force to open up a deciding match, thanks to the impressive rotations from Frediemar “3MarTzy” Serafico’s Barats and Patrick “rTzy” Ibarra’s Selena. The third match seemed evenly matched for both teams. However, Clarense “Kousei” Camilo’s Pharsa emerged as the dominant hero during team fights which helped Work Auster Force gain their momentum leading to their second win in the match.

MPL PH Season 7 Week 7 Recap
Work Auster Force dominated Laus Playbook Esports.

Onic PH vs Blacklist International (0-2)

Blacklist started strong with a Feeding Diggie strategy. Edward “Edward” Dapadap’s Lapu Lapu kept Onic from taking objectives and bought enough time for Danerie "Wise'' Rosario's Ling to scale up in the late game. 

MPL PH Season 7 Week 7 Recap
OhMyV33nus carried his team to victory against Onic PH.

Jhonmar "OhMyV33nus" Villaluna’s Yve had the spotlight in the second match where he dictated most of the team fights with his Real World Manipulation. The match ended with Blacklist International securing two wins against Onic PH.

Aura PH vs Execration (1-2)

Aura PH had a solid team composition in the first match with Allen "Greed_" O. Baloy’s Barats and Jaypee "Jaypee" Dela Cruz’s Estes. This gave Jaymark "Lord Hadess" Lazaro’s Granger enough space to farm up for resources. Renz “Renzio” Cadua’s Baxia allowed Execration to steal a Lord, but it was not enough as Aura PH still secured a win.

Execration responded with an aggressive approach in game two as Joshua "Ch4knu" Mangilog’s Chou initiated team fights for Kiel "Kielvj " Harnandez’s Hayabusa. In game three, Joshua "Ch4knu" Mangilog picked Grock holding the jungle buffs which prevented Mark “LORD HADESS” Lazaro’s Ling from hitting his power spike. The match ended with Execration securing two wins with one loss.

MPL PH Season 7 Week 7 Recap
Ch4knu's Grock proved vital in winning the third match against Aura Ph.

Bren Esports vs Omega Esports (2-1)

Bren Esports had a pretty rough start during game one. Omega Esports stalled the game, just enough for them to secure objectives and kept Bren Esports from getting too many kills. This allowed them to secure a win in the first match.

MPL PH Season 7 Week 7 Recap
Bren Esports used their M2 Tactics against Omega Esports.

However, Bren Esports pulled out their ace during the second and third matches. Karl "Karltzy" Nepornuceno picked Claude while the rest of the team picked heroes that could funnel him, similar to their strategy during the M2 World Championship. Omega put up a good fight but was eventually overwhelmed by Karltzy’s Claude and the aggressive rotations of Bren Esports. The match ended with Bren securing two wins and one loss.

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Eight teams will now proceed to the playoffs which will start on May 26, 2021, where they will compete for the title of MPL Season 7 Champion along with a lion’s share of the $120,000 USD prize pool.

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