Evos SG Wins the MPL Singapore (SG) Season 1


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Evos SG Wins the MPL Singapore (SG) Season 1

John Dave Rossel
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  • EVOS SG claimed the title of Champions in the MPL SG Season 1.
  • The champions will go home with a $30,000 SGD prize money.
  • RSG SG will be going home with a runner-up title and will join EVOS SG in the upcoming MSC 2021.

The first season of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL) Singapore was filled with action-packed matches, and exciting outplays from the professional teams in the region. After weeks of seemingly intense matches, EVOS SG claimed the trophy as the first champions of the MPL SG Season 1 after dominating against RSG SG with a clean sweep of 3-0 score. What’s more amazing is that EVOS SG only lost once during their run in the MPL SG Season 1. This was partially thanks to the leadership of their coach Stefan "Soul" Chong, which made the team unstoppable in the grand finals against RSG SG. Here is a quick recap of what transpired in the grand finals of MPL ID Season 7.

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Evos SG Wins the MPL Singapore (SG) Season 1
EVOS SG claimed the trophy as the MPL SG Season 1 Champion

Evos SG Wins the MPL SG Season 1

Game 1

The grand finals started mildly and slow. RSG SG managed to control the game within eight minutes with a huge kill lead of 5-1. However, EVOS SG recovered at the 12-minute mark and flipped the tide. RSG manage to give themselves a bit of breathing room at the 14-minute mark. However, EVOS was already preparing an all-out strike heading straight to RSG’s base and secured a win. 

Game 2

In the second game, RSG took control of the early game once again. However, EVOS was preparing for the late game and slowly built up their momentum at the 9-minute mark putting RSG in a bad situation and couldn’t recover. RSG gave everything they had to steal the Lord but suffered miserably at the hands of EVOS as they got wiped out. This gave EVOS a chance to head to their base and finish the second game with another win. 

Game 3

In the third game, RSG was already exhausted while EVOS was still out for blood and secured an 8-4 kill lead by the 8-minute mark. This became worse as RSG went far deeper in the scoring lead as EVOS secured another 12-5 kill lead. EVOS did not hesitate and ended the game in just 12 minutes, giving RSG no time to recover. EVOS secured their championship title with a score of 3-0. 

Evos SG Wins the MPL Singapore (SG) Season 1
EVOS SG will also be going home with $30,000 SGD

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After claiming their trophy, EVOS SG’s Coach Stefan "Soul" Chong admitted in a post-match interview that they were a bit worried that they would lose but eventually studied RSG’s tactics and managed to win.

"We know that RSG is on the same level as EVOS. This very first season isn't really for newcomers yet. I was a bit worried because they had the momentum going, but on our side, we had the time to study them, and it worked out."

The runner-up team RSG SG, together with the MPL SG Champions EVOS SG, will represent Singapore in the upcoming Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Southeast Asia Cup (MSC) 2021 which will be held on June 8, 2021. 

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