EVOS Legends Are the Champions of MPL ID Season 7



EVOS Legends Are the Champions of MPL ID Season 7

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  • EVOS Legends are athe champions of the MPL ID Season 7.
  • Bigetron Esports fought well but only managed to secure 2nd place.
  • Following Bigetron Esports is Genflix Aerowolf in the third place.

It was a long and perilous journey for Indonesian teams in the MPL ID Season 7. After weeks of action-packed matches, EVOS Legends won after a massive beatdown on a BO7 match against Bigetron Esports with a score of 4-3. EVOS will go home with the title of champions while Bigetron sits in 2nd place and Genflix Aerowolf following in third place. Viewers have witnessed Bigetron Renbo’s unorthodox yet surprisingly effective picks. However, EVOS’s aggressive playstyle and Luminaire’s map presence proved to be far superior, allowing them to snatch the trophy and the title of MPL ID Season 7 champions. Here is a quick recap of what transpired in the grand finals of MPL ID Season 7.

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EVOS Legends Are the Champions of MPL ID Season 7

Game One

During the first game, Evos started strong with their Diggie strategy. The M1 Champions went very aggressive which punished Bigetron very hard. However, RENBO with his Chang’e always came in clutch in team fights putting Bigetron back on their feet. EVOS managed to secure four Lords and almost won the match, but a sneaky backdoor from Matt’s Chou made them lose their composure and gave Bigetron the chance to have a comeback. At the 31-minute mark, EVOS got wiped out and Bigetron took this opportunity to end the game and secure a win.

EVOS Legends Are the Champions of MPL ID Season 7
Matt sneakily initiating a backdoor while EVOS was busy.

Game Two

During game two Luminaire went with a Yve pick allowing him to have the higher ground during team fights. EVOS managed to get a lot of takedowns with fewer casualties in the early game, all thanks to Yve’s Real World Manipulation Ultimate skill. Bigetron was pushed back against a wall, failing to secure any enemy turrets and forced to play defensively. At the 17-minute mark, Evos went for the second Lord and took down all of Bigetron’s turrets. At the 19-minute mark, EVOS went for a successful team fight, destroyed the nexus, and secured a win.

Game Three

On the third match, EVOS Legends went for an aggressive style with a roaming Angela support. Despite the non-stop bombardment from EVOS Legends, Bigetron Alpha managed to keep their composure and successfully traded blows, all thanks to Renbo carrying the match with his Hayabusa. Bigetron managed to open up EVOS top and mid base. However, they fell hard on the 16-minute mark, giving Ferxiic a triple kill. EVOS made the mistake of giving the second Lord to Bigetron which put them in a bad situation and allowing Bigetron to push forward and end the game, securing a second win.

EVOS Legends Are the Champions of MPL ID Season 7
Ferxiic's Ling got a triple kill.

Game Four

In the third game, EVOS Legends went for a kiting team composition while Bigetron going for a balanced lineup. Both teams were being very cautious not to start any unnecessary team fights. A massive fight happened in the Lord pit at the 10-minute mark with EVOS losing 4 members and Bigetron securing the Lord. Bigetron started dominating at the 13-minute mark as EVOS 5k behind in gold income. At the 15-minute mark, Bigetron almost ended the game with Matt doing a 1v3 but Ferxiic managed to take him down which gave EVOS enough time to defend their base and make a surprising comeback. EVOS won game four in a clutch situation. 

Game Fifth

In the fifth game, EVOS went very aggressive with Antimage delivering intense pressure around the map. Bigetron went to a much safer lineup and played passively through the game. However, it didn’t work in favor of Bigetron as EVOS kept on pushing them back and securing as many objectives as they can. At the 12-minute mark, Bigetron’s base was wide open. EVOS took this opportunity to end the match and secure the third win. 

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Game Six

The pressure was high on Bigetron for the sixth game. EVOS Legends just kept trading and taking turrets further pushing Bigetron in a very bad position. 8 minutes into the game, EVOS Legends was dominating the match with a 5k gold lead, all thanks to Luminaire’s Estes supporting his team at the back lane. At the 11-minute mark, Bigetron tried to go for one last fight but was caught off guard with Antimage’s three-man knock-up with his Paquito. EVOS didn’t hesitate, and finished the inner mid turret and closed the game, earning their champion title. 

EVOS Legends Are the Champions of MPL ID Season 7
The amazing three-man knockup from Antimage's Paquito. 

It was a very intense battle between EVOS Legends’ aggressive playstyle and Bigetron Alpha’s unorthodox strategies. EVOS went home with the MPL ID Season 7 trophy. Bigetron will be going home with the second place title.

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