COD Mobile: New Class, New Map and Clan Wars Revealed



COD Mobile: New Class, New Map and Clan Wars Revealed

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  • The new public test build reveals a new BR class and a new MP map for COD Mobile.
  • The new map is an iconic map from the Modern Warfare franchise called Dome.
  • A few balance changes for weapons and current BR classes has also been implemented along with a new Clan Wars feature.

Activision has recently launched a new public test build for their popular mobile shooter game Call of Duty: Mobile with a new battle royale class and a multiplayer map from the fan-favorite Call of Duty: Modern Warfare franchise. The new battle royale class in COD Mobile is called the Time Traveller, while the new multiplayer map is called “Dome.” As of the moment, the Time Traveller class has no abilities and skill descriptions. However, we can expect an update regarding the new content in the near future. Here are more details about the new class and map in COD Mobile.

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COD Mobile: New Class and New Map Revealed

A public test build was released by Activision on April 30, 2021, containing new content and balance changes for the upcoming Season 4 of COD Mobile. Two of the most noteworthy additions to the game are the new battle royale class, “Time Traveler” and the new map from the COD Modern Warfare franchise called “Dome.”

New Battle Royale Class

One of the new content featured in the public test build was the new BR class called Time Traveller. However, the new class currently has no functionality and cannot be used.

COD Mobile: New Class, New Map and Clan Wars Revealed
The Time Traveler Class is not yet usable in the public test build.

Activision stated that the content found in the public test build is still not final and may change in the next update. 

“As per usual, everything you see in the build may not be final, maybe buggy, may have placeholder art or text, or may not be released in the next update,” stated Activision in their community update in Reddit.

New Multiplayer Map

Along with the new mysterious battle royale class, a new multiplayer map called “Dome” has also been released in the public test build for COD Mobile. The new map is based on one of the maps from the iconic COD Modern Warfare franchise. 

COD Mobile: New Class, New Map and Clan Wars Revealed
Dome is one of the most iconic maps from the COD Modern Warfare franchise.

The map is only available in Domination Mode. It is still unclear whether this map will be made available for more game modes in the future.

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Other Upcoming Content in COD Mobile

A new feature called Clan Wars has also been revealed in the public test build for COD Mobile. This new feature is one of the most requested features in the game and will soon be coming to the regular servers of the mobile game. 

A few balance changes have also been implemented for a few weapons like NA-45, AS Val, and multiple operator skills in BR.

Activision is slowly revealing its upcoming content for COD Mobile Season 4. Needless to say, we will see more upcoming content in the next update on the public test build. 

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