List of Mobile Legends Events in May 2021: Free Heroes & Skins!

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List of Mobile Legends Events in May 2021: Free Heroes & Skins!


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  • Players can unlock the new ML hero Phoveus for free on May 1 until 16.
  • The 515 Eparty Event will also be held on May until June 2021.
  • Three new game modes and the return of the nostalgia event will also arrive on MLBB.

There are a ton of exciting new events waiting for players in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang in May 2021. The events promise tons of rewards such as free skins and heroes for players who participate. Along with the free ML heroes and skin giveaways, a new hero has also been introduced in Mobile Legends named Phoveus. This hero is a perfect counter for high mobility heroes like WanWan, Fanny, and Lancelot as he empowers his abilities if he is fighting against heroes who use dash skills nearby. If you’re curious about what events are coming in Mobile Legends for the month of May 2021, here is a quick overview of what players can expect. 

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Claim Free ML Hero, Phoveus (May 1 - 16)

Players can claim the upcoming new MLBB hero Phoveus, the Shadow of Dread, for free. They simply have to log in between May 1 and May 16 to claim the free hero. 

List of Mobile Legends Events in May 2021: Free Heroes & Skins!
Players can claim Phoveus for free.

This new hero is very useful against heroes who rely on dashes as Phoveus empowers his attacks whenever an enemy uses any type of dash skills. 

Lucky Star Event (May 15)

In this event, players will have a chance to win all currently released heroes and skins for free. The event will start on May 15, 2021. More details will be revealed at a later date.

List of Mobile Legends Events in May 2021: Free Heroes & Skins!
Get a chance to win all heroes and skins for free in the Lucky Star Event.

MLBB 515 Eparty Event 

The event will peak on May 15 and is set to feature a ton of side events for players such as ranked star protection, free access to all heroes, diamond promos, free exclusive skins, and many more. This year’s 515 Eparty Event will be much bigger than last year’s event. 

List of Mobile Legends Events in May 2021: Free Heroes & Skins!
The 515 Eparty Event is one of the biggest annual events in MLBB.

This includes the 515 Lucky Star Event on May 15 which gives fans a chance to win all of the Mobile Legends Heroes and Skins

The Return of Three Arcade Modes (May 1 - June 3)

Three fan-favorite game modes will be making a comeback in Mobile Legends for a limited time. Here are the three game modes and their release dates.

  • Mayhem Mode returns on May 1 until May 13
  • Ravage Mode returns on May 11 until May 31
  • Shadow Brawl Mode returns on May 21 until June 3

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Nostalgia Event (May 22 - June 13)

The nostalgia event will also return for the month of May 2021, bringing a new set of free skins for players to acquire. The event will last from May 22 until June 13, 2021.

Here are the skins that players can choose from in the upcoming Nostalgia Event;

  • Resplendent Iris Hanabi
  • Fierce Dragon Alpha
  • Badass Roller Baxia
  • Yin-yang Mage Lou Yi

These are just a few of the surprises that Moonton has revealed in Mobile Legends for the month of May 2021. Don’t miss the opportunity to participate in the upcoming events and win exciting prizes. Stay tuned for the latest updates and upcoming events in MLBB.

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