MPL MY Season 7 Recap: Here's What Went Down


MPL MY Season 7 Recap: Here's What Went Down

Ravi Gahlyan
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  • Todak and Suhaz Evos retain their positions on top of their respective Groups.
  • Homebois and Team Bosskurr are still struggling to claw out of the last place in their respective Groups.
  • The highlight of Week 7 was the RSG MY games on days 2 and 3.

The MPL MY Season 7 Week 7 has concluded with Todak and Suhaz Evos finishing in prime positions on top of their groups. Todak remains in the top spot after winning both games 2-0 this week. Homebois and Team Bosskurr are still struggling to claw their way out of the last positions in their respective groups. Due to lackluster performance by Homebois they lost both their games this week and stayed in the last place in the group by winning both its game 2-0 RSG MY ascended their Group Stage table quickly and finished 2nd in Group B at the end of week 7.

Todak And Suhaz Evos Still Leading The Charts At The End Of MPL MY Season 7 Week 7

Group A Standing:

The current leading team in Group A is still Todak. Following Todak, is Orange Esports which had a great day 1 in week 7 of MPL MY Season 7. In 3rd place, is Reborn Esports who are still holding on to their spot but shows no signs of surpassing the two teams ahead of them in the group stage table. Team SMG and Homebois share the last 2 spots in the group with a score of 4-7 wins to losses. Team SMG’s place in the Group Stage table was heavily affected after its two losses this week. 

RankTeamMatch (W-L)Game (W-L)
1TODAK9 - 320 - 10
2ORANGE ESPORTS7 - 416 - 13
3REBORN ESPORTS5 - 613 - 16
4TEAM SMG4 - 714 - 16
5HOMEBOIS4 -711 - 16

Match of the week: Orange Esports vs RED Esports

On Day 1 Orange Esports, after their 1st game loss and a shaky start in game 2, made a comeback when “NEO” picked up a triple kill at around 13 min mark and then just went with the flow and finished the game in under 18 min. In-game 3 “MOM” popped off and ended the game with a triple kill in front of opponents’ fountain in under 12 min.

MPL MY Season 7 Recap: Here's What Went Down
Orange Esports vs RED Esports

Group B Standing:

In Group B, Suhaz Evos is leading the chart and is closely followed by RSG MY who was the team in focus in week 7 of the MPL MY Season 7. RED Esports fell down to 3rd place in the group after losing the first game of week 7. As far as the ratings go, Geek Fam is still doing poorly and remains near the bottom of the table in Group A. However, Team Bosskurr is the bottom-placed team after having a season to forget. The team remains in the last position on the team with just 1 win to10 losses against their name in the Group Stages.

RankTeamMatch (W-L)Game (W-L)
1SUHAZ EVOS8 - 317 - 6
2RSG MY7 - 515 - 12
3RED ESPORTS6 - 613 - 14
4GEEK FAM  5 - 613 - 14
5TEAM BOSSKURR1 - 104 - 20

Team in focus: RSG MY

During Week 7, RSG MY improved tremendously and surpassed other teams in Group B. They had 2 games this week where they defeated the opponents easily with 2-0 wins over them. On day 2 RSG MY destroyed Team SMG in game 1 and dominated them with 23-3 kills to win. And in the second game even after the equal matchups “LEIXIA” and “IZANAMI” made some clutch kills and ended the game in 16 min.

They played against Homebois on day 3, where they dominated and overpowered the opponent, winning 2-0. This enabled them to obtain the 2nd spot in Group B.

MPL MY Season 7 Recap: Here's What Went Down
RSG MY vs Team SMG

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