MPL PH Season 7 Week 3 Recap: Blacklist International Remains Unbeatable

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  • The third week of the MPL PH Season 7 has concluded with a lot of surprising events.
  • Cignal Ultra had a rough performance in their first week of the tournament.
  • Blacklist International still remains undefeated.

The third week of the MPL PH Season 7 has concluded and Blacklist International continues to remain undefeated. The team showcased a number of new strategies including their surprisingly strong double healer strategy which surprised the fans and opponents alike. We also witnessed the underdog Work Auster Force continue to have an amazing season, only losing to Blacklist International so far. We even saw everyone's favorite hero, Diggie in the hands of Aurap PH as they dominate Onic PH’s three-marksman strategy. We also witnessed Cignal Ultra struggling on their first week in the event. Needless to say, this was an action-packed week with a lot of interesting moments. So here is a quick recap of the matches that took place in MPL PH Season 7 Week 2.

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MPL PH Season 7 - Week 3 Day 1 (April 15)

Cignal Ultra Struggles Against Omega Esports (0-2)

Omega Esports reigns the first game of the day as they dominated with a clean 2-0 victory against Cignal Ultra. 

Cignal Ultra went for a much aggressive and surprisingly greedy draft pick which was heavily countered by Omega Esports’ much more solid and balanced drafting. Hadjizy grabbed his Godlike at the 11:50 minute mark as they try and close the match in the mid-lane. Cignal Ultra managed to hold their base long enough for Omega to come back, four minutes later, with their Lord which secured them the first win.

MPL PH Season 7 Week 3 Recap: Blacklist International Remains Unbeatable
Cignal Ultra only got one kill in the second game.

The second game was disappointing for Cignal Ultra as Omega just kept taking the lead. This put Cignal in a very awkward position and couldn’t secure any objectives. Omega didn’t hesitate and ended the match as fast as they can and secured the second win. 

Work Auster Force Dominates Onic PH (2-0)

Onic PH lost their win streak against Work Auster Force with an impressive 0-2 victory. 

Work’s impressive rotations resulted in them destroying six turrets in less than 10 minutes, putting Onic in a very bad situation. With the Lord on Work’s side, they became unstoppable at the 11-minute mark and secured their first win. 

MPL PH Season 7 Week 3 Recap: Blacklist International Remains Unbeatable
Impressive Lord steal from Chuuu.

Onic managed to keep their cool in the second match as they competed for objectives throughout the match. Work was placed in a very bad situation, with only one middle lane turret standing at the 19-minute mark. Onic tried to end the match by taking down the last turret but was Work managed to stop their aggression thanks to 3Martzy’s Paquito. The turning point happened During the 31-minute mark when Work managed to steal the Lord during an intense team fight which gave them the edge they needed to secure a second win.

Execration Reigns Supreme Against Nexplay Esports (2-1)

In the first match, Exexcration placed constant pressure on Renejay which prevented him from contributing to team fights. Kielvj made it look too easy as he led the charge with his Lancelot which resulted in a KDA of 6/0/3 and Execration winning the first match. 

The early game was in favor of Execration during the second game. Kiel managed to secure two kills at the 3:30-minute mark without dying. However, Nexplay managed to turn the tides with H2wo’s Roger and Renejay’s Claude. Nexplay just kept getting stronger as Ch4knu and Renzio had a hard time farming as they kept offering kills to the enemy team. In less than 12 minutes, it was all over and Nexplay secured one win.

MPL PH Season 7 Week 3 Recap: Blacklist International Remains Unbeatable
Kelra dominated the match with his Khaleed.

Execration didn’t take any chances during the third match. They pulled off one of the fasted Blade of Despair purchases in the game as Kielvj managed to get his core item, Blade of Despair, merely 8-minutes into the match. Nexplay was off to a good start as they kept winning trades in the early matches. However, the late-game emerges at the 16-minute mark and Kelra's Khaleed grabbed the Godlike kill streak which led Execration to win the series.

MPL PH Season 7 - Week 3 Day 2 (April 16)

Cignal Ultra Bows Down to Work Auster Force (0-2)

Work Auster Force dominated the game with a score of 2-0 against Cignal Ultra on the second day of the MPL PH Season 7 Week 3. 

During the first match, Work delivered an impressive early game performance thanks to Unravel’s Baxia ganks. At the 11-minute mark, Cignal’s Turrets were no longer standing which put them in a very bad situation. Work did not hesitate and ended the game a few minutes later, securing their first win.

MPL PH Season 7 Week 3 Recap: Blacklist International Remains Unbeatable
Cignal Ultra thought they can win if they fight under turret.

The second match was quite even for both teams. However, it went sour for Cignal as they forced a team fight near their turret thinking it would be safe. The team fight ended in Work’s favor and punished Cignal Ultra very hard and lost which cost their mid-lane turret. Cignal forced another team to fight despite their bad position which allowed Work Auster Force to secure the second win.

Execration Claims Victory Against Playbook Esports (2-0)

Kielvj’s Ling had a hard time farming during the first game as Arvs’ Silvanna and Beemo’s Benedetta kept interrupting his farming sessions with constant bullying. However, Playbook got a taste of their own medicine as Execration did the same thing to their carry Aspect and his Roger. Aspect ended performing very badly while Kielvj managed to get back on his feet and helped Execration secure their first win. 

MPL PH Season 7 Week 3 Recap: Blacklist International Remains Unbeatable
Renzio trying to bait the enemies but got ignored.

The second match went sour for Playbook as they kept making fatal mistakes which Execration took advantage of. Execration took down objectives one after another which widens the gap between them and Playbook Esports. At the 11-minute mark, Execration decided it was time to end it as Renzio entered inside Playbook’s base trying to taunt the enemy team into attacking him. It didn’t work as Playbook completely ignored him, but his team was able to destroy every last turret. Playbook went for one last fight which they lost and Execration securing their second win. 

Aura PH Punishes Onic PH’s Three-Marksman Lineup (2-0)

Onic went the full aggressive route and drafted a pure damage team composed of Selena, Granger, Popol and Kupa, Claude, and Barats. It worked in their favor for a while. However, Aura PH gave them the Diggie treatment and initiated a feeding Diggie strategy which ruined their plans. The match ended with Aura PH winning the first match. 

MPL PH Season 7 Week 3 Recap: Blacklist International Remains Unbeatable
Onic had the most kills only because of the Diggie.

Onic was starting to rise in game two as they destroyed four turrets within the 8-minute mark. However, their momentum slowed down when Aura managed to take Lord with them and started rampaging in the bottom lane. At the 19-minute mark, all of Onic’s turrets were lost while Aura went to finish the match and secured a second win.

MPL PH Season 7 - Week 3 Day 3 (April 17)

Blacklist Stays Unbeatable Against Nexplay Esports (2-0)

The unbeatable team, Blacklist International, keeps their title as they dominated Nexplay Esports on the third day of MPL PH Season 7 Weel 3. 

During the first match, Nexplay went for a more aggressive lineup while Nexplay fought back with a defensive team. Nexplay seemed to be having the upper hand during the early game until Blacklist secured Lord after a massive team fight. At the 15-minute mark, Nexplay’s base was already wide open which allowed Blacklist to end the match and secure their first win.

MPL PH Season 7 Week 3 Recap: Blacklist International Remains Unbeatable
Blacklist International ending the match after crippling Nexplay.

The early game didn’t go so well with Blacklist in the second match. Nexplay kept bullying their lanes which put them on a tight leash and couldn’t farm properly. However, at the 13-minute mark, Blacklist rises back as Edward’s Benedetta and Oheb’s Alice started dominating the match. Blacklist didn’t hesitate and took this small opportunity to secure Lord and went for a finish and secured their second win in less than 20 minutes.

Cignal Ultra Continues Their Lose Streak Against Bren Esports (1-2)

After missing out on two weeks’ worth of matches, Cignal Ultra is now in their third losing streak as they bow down to Bren Esports on the third day of MPL PH Season 7 Weel 3.

Bren dominated the first match as they confidently initiated their rotations and secured objectives. At the 10-minute mark, Bren secured the Lord and went straight in the mid lane and secured their first win. Cignal tried to defend their base but failed. 

MPL PH Season 7 Week 3 Recap: Blacklist International Remains Unbeatable
FlapTzy Trying to defend the base all by himself.

In the second match, both teams were evenly matched. The deciding point happened at the 19-minute mark when Cignal tried to steal the Lord. They did fail to secure the Lord however, they managed to cripple Bren Esports so bad after killing four of the members, leaving FlapTzy as the sole survivor.  Cignal took this chance and sprinted straight through Bren’s base and secured their win. 

The third game almost went in Cignal Ultra’s favor. During the early matches, RHEA’s Jawhead managed to set team fights and go on an aggressive playstyle which kept Bren from moving too far. However, at the 17-minute mark, Bren managed to steal a Lord and proceeded to press forward, giving Cignal no time to react. The match ended with Bren Esports securing the second win.

Playbook Esports Outplays Omega Esports (2-1)

Omega dominated Playbook Esports in every clash in the first match. However, Playbook’s well-balanced composition allowed them to even the odds and eventually flipped the tide to their favor in the late game. At the 11-minute mark, Omega’s turrets are already gone and their defensive output wasn’t enough to survive Playbook’s aggressive playstyle. The match ended with Playbook securing their first win.

Omega was able to jump back and secure their win in the second match. With the help of KurTzy’s Yve, the team was able to win team fights and secure objectives which allowed them to get ahead of Playbook and secure the win. 

MPL PH Season 7 Week 3 Recap: Blacklist International Remains Unbeatable
Omega Esports desperately trying to defend their base.

Playbook got the upper hand in the end as they secure their second win in the third match. Playbook went aggressive, destroying all of Omega’s turrets, leaving only one bottom turret. This placed Omega in a very bad situation as they can’t simply leave their base without protection. Eventually, Omega left their base in hopes of stealing a Lord but Beemo took advantage of this and cleared the last turret. Playbook secured a win against Omega.

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MPL PH Season 7 - Week 3 Day 4 (April 18)

Blacklist international Extends Their Winstreak Against Work Auster Force (2-1)

Work Auster had a hard time dealing with Blacklist’s healing strategy as they have no means of countering OhMyV33NUS’ Estes and Eson’s Rafaela. The match ended with Blacklist securing their first win. Oheb’s Alice gameplay proved too much for Work Auster Force as the rookie dominated in game one with a KDA of 5/2/4. 

Blacklist tried to initiate the same strategy in game two but failed miserably as Work has already prepared themselves to counter their healing strategy. Blacklist couldn’t do much as their healers were completely useless in team fights due to Work’s team composition. The match ended with Work Auster Force securing their first win.

MPL PH Season 7 Week 3 Recap: Blacklist International Remains Unbeatable
Blacklist International's double healer strategy worked well for them.

Blacklist International stood its ground as it kept its healing strategy intact in the third match. It went pretty bad in their end during the early game with Work dominating team fights. However, the tide flipped in the later stages of the game when Blacklist’s star rookie OHEB dominated the match with his Alice. This crippled Work’s team formation and allowed Blacklist to secure their second win.

Nexplay Esports Secures a Win Against Cignal Ultra (1-2)

Cignal Ultra tried to suppress Jeymz’s Benedetta by sending RHEA’s Chou and Kekedot’s Natalia in his lane and prevent him from farming too hard. It ended poorly as it only gave Jeymz more kills and gold. It was a downhill ride for Cignal Ultra which led to Nexplay winning the first game. 

In the second game, RHEA is back for blood as he picked Uranus which contributed a lot for his team during team fights alongside Aquaboy’s Wanwan. Nexplay was pushed way too hard and couldn’t fight back which secured a win for the side of Cignal Ultra.  

MPL PH Season 7 Week 3 Recap: Blacklist International Remains Unbeatable
Nexplay didn't waste time and ended the match as soon as possible.

The stakes are high as Nexplay and Cignal Ultra enter the deciding match. Nexplay went all out this time with H2wo’s signature Ling gameplay. The team dominated the entire match which prevented  Cignal Ultra from securing its objectives. Nexplay secured their second win. 

Aura PH Sweeps Omega Esports (2-0)

Jaypee proved to be the most crucial member for Aura PH as he made plays for his team using his Chou during game one. His rotations are on point which prevented Omega from progressing through their objectives and resulted in a score of 6 skills for Omega and 20 kills for Aura at the end of the match. Aura PH secured the win against Omega Esports.

MPL PH Season 7 Week 3 Recap: Blacklist International Remains Unbeatable
Cignal Ultra only managed to secure one kill in the match.

Omega’s performance during the second match went worse as Kenji’s Paquito and Haze’s Grock kept getting in bad positions and getting killed. The match ended with Aura PH securing 19 kills while Omega Esports only have 3 kills in their table. Aura PH secured their second win in the game. 

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