Mobile Legends Introduces New Hero Gloo, All Abilities Explained



Mobile Legends Introduces New Hero Gloo, All Abilities Explained

John Dave Rossel
Published On: 
  • Gloo specializes in regeneration and crowd control to contribute to team fights.
  • Along with the new ML hero Gloo, new skin will also be released called “Gloo - Verdant Enchanter"
  • The new hero Gloo and his skin will have a limited-time special discount that last for a week.

A new tank hero has been released in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang named Gloo. It’s been a while since a new tank ML hero has been released. Ever since the release of Barats, the following releases were all about marksman, assassins, fighters, and mages. With the addition of Gloo in the tank hero roster, the meta might be shifting soon enough. This new hero specializes in regeneration and crowd control to contribute to team fights. His difficulty isn’t that high either, so everyone can freely play this new Mobile Legends hero. If you enjoy playing as the team’s tank, then you’ll definitely enjoy playing as the new ML hero, Gloo. 

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Mobile Legends Hero Gloo: Details

The new hero Gloo has been revealed for quite some time now in the advanced server of Mobile Legends. He started as being too overpowered but was slowly polished into a much more balanced hero before reaching the regular servers.

Gloo Hero Overview

MLBB Gloo Shop Price

Normal Price: 

  • 32000 BP
  • 599 Diamonds

Launch Week Bonus: 30% Off 

  • 419 Diamonds

MLBB Gloo Ability Descriptions

Here are the skill descriptions for the new MLBB hero, Gloo;

Passive: Stick, Stick

Enemies hit by Gloo’s skills gain a stack of “Sticky” which reduces their movement speed. This can stack up to five times. Each stack will also reduce the damage they deal with Gloo by a small percentage. 

This is what makes Gloo super tanky and useful. Not only does he gain damage reduction, but he also slows down enemies consistently. He is a good counter for heroes who have very high mobility like Wanwan and Fanny who moves around the map way too fast.

First Skill: Slam, Slam

Slams the ground to damage enemies and leave a puddle of goo around enemies hit. The goo explodes for a brief period but Gloo can immediately detonate it by stepping on the pool of goo himself.

This allows Gloo to debuff enemies in a single skill. Very useful in team fights where everyone is cramped in a small area. 

Second Skill: Pass, Pass

Hits enemies with a massive pile of goo to damage and immobilize enemies. If the skill hits a goo, Gloo will dash onto the pool of goo and drag enemies within his path. 

This is Gloo’s dash skill. Very useful for chasing down enemies. The root effect can also be useful for champions who rely on channeling their skills like Khaleed.

Ultimate: Split, Split / Grab, Grab

Splits apart gaining increased movement speed and slowly regenerating HP. Enemies hit will gain a stack of goo and at the max stack, Gloo can attach himself to that enemy and regenerate more HP. If Gloo takes damage from an enemy attack, the damage will be distributed a part of it to the enemy he has attached to. This does not work on turrets.

A very annoying skill. Once Gloo attaches himself to enemies, a portion of the damage Gloo receives will be transferred to the host which is very useful in team fights to pressure the enemies into attacking their own teammate. Of course, with Gloo’s damage reduction, he won’t be receiving too much damage, but the hero he is attached to will surely do.

Mobile Legends Hero Gloo - Verdant Enchanter Skin

Along with the new ML hero Gloo, new skin will also be released called “Gloo - Verdant Enchanter” and will be available in the shop with a limited-time discounted price.  

Verdant Enchanter Skin for Gloo

The skin costs 269 Diamonds. However, during the launch week, it will receive a 30% discount and will cost only 188 Diamonds.

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This hero is going to be a headache to deal with. Not only he can regenerate health a lot, but he can also attach himself to the enemy core which can definitely disrupt team fights. It would be interesting to see him being used by MLBB esports pros in future tournaments.

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