Free Fire OB27 Update: New Characters, New Weapons and More



Free Fire OB27 Update: New Characters, New Weapons and More

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  • The Free Fire OB27 update delivers a ton of new content, from new characters, maps, and guns down to the quality of life improvements.
  • The Bermuda Remastered map will also make a return as a permanent map in the game.
  • Balance changes for Wukong and Rafael has also been released along with merging awakened and normal skills to add diversity to the gameplay.

The Free Fire OB27 update is currently underway. Garena’s popular mobile Battle Royale game is widely known for its consistent game updates and engaging events that keep the players entertained for years to come. The Free Fire OB27 update delivers a ton of new content, from new characters, maps, and guns down to the quality of life improvements that can improve the performance of the game for players. If you’re interested in checking out the big changes coming with the Free Fire OB27 update, here is a quick summary of what Free Fire players can expect from the patch update.

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Free Fire OB27 Update: Biggest Changes

New Characters

Two new characters will arrive in the game on the Free Fire OB27 update.


Based on the leaks from data miners, Maro is going to be a collaboration character which will be revealed at a later date. His ability “Falcon Fervor” increases his damage based on how far he is to his target.


This new character has been teased in the official social media handles of the game. His ability “Xtreme Encounter” gives him increased base HP along with increased damage against Gloo Walls and Shields.

New Weapon


The new machine gun Kord will also be added in the Free Fire OB27 update. This new machine gun allows uses to prone or crouch to gain enhanced firepower. Players who enjoy camping can definitely appreciate this gun.

Easier Character Leveling

Leveling characters have never been this easier in the Free Fire OB27 update. Now, there will be lesser resources needed to upgrade your characters.

New Revival Mechanism

A new revival feature is revealed in the Free Fire OB27 update. This new revival mechanism will be available for all maps. Players who died can be revived by their squadmates if they step on the revival area for 15 seconds. The revival area will then undergo a one-minute cooldown before it can be sued again.

Bermuda Remastered Added Permanently

The widely popular map Bermuda Remastered will make a comeback. This time, the map stays permanently which is good news for the fans. Meanwhile, the Kalahari map will become an optional map for users to download.

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Character Balance Changes

To keep the game fresh and balanced, Garena has made changes to the characters in the game. For this update, Wukong and Rafael will receive a character balance update which adds them a slight edge on the battlefield, but only enough to keep them on their feet when faced with tough challenges.

Along with the balance changes, awakened and normal skills have also been merged into one. This opens up more possibilities for players who want to explore multiple playstyles in Free Fire.

There is a lot of new content and changes to the game for players to experience. However, they will have to download the patch update before they can proceed to play the game. In return, they will receive a few in-game rewards after downloading the Free Fire OB27 update.

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