Mobile Legends Advanced Server Patch Update 1.5.70: Full Notes and Changes



Mobile Legends Advanced Server Patch Update 1.5.70: Full Notes and Changes

John Dave Rossel
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  • Moonton released the patch update 1.5.70 for the advanced server of MLBB.
  • The patch update focuses on balancing a few heroes who have recently been released in MLBB like Yve and Beatrix.
  • Here is the full patch notes for the patch update 1.5.70.

Before the official debut of the new ML hero Gloo, Moonton released the patch update 1.5.70 for the advanced server of their hit mobile MOBA game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. The patch update 1.5.70 focuses on balancing a few heroes who have recently been released in MLBB like Yve and Beatrix. The patch update also added a few changes to the recently released revamps of Bane and Karina. If these changes proved satisfactory, the patch update will be implemented on the regular server of Mobile Legends. Here are the full notes and changes of patch update 1.5.70 in the advanced server of Mobile Legends.

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ML Patch 1.5.70: Hero Adjustments

Mobile Legends Advanced Server Patch Update 1.5.70: Full Notes and Changes
Bane Revamp has been adjusted slightly.

Revamped Bane

With the recent changes to Bane making him much more flexible, the devs have nerfed his passive to give enemies a fighting chance against Bane. 


  • Damage: from 128% -170% Physical Attack to 125%-160% Physical Attack
  • The rebounding cannon no longer stacks Passive effects.

Revamped Karina

A slight nerf her skills to prevent her from snowballing too much, forcing her to focus on being mobile instead of just simply one shotting enemies.

1st Skill

  • Slightly reduced charge distance.

Ultimate Skill

  • Reduced damage for the second proc of her ultimate. 


The devs have observed that most players would rely on his 1st skill all the time. Phoveus will have a slight nerf on her 1st skill to force players into maximizing all of his skills in battle. 

Skill 1

  • Reduced Base Damage, and increased Magic Power bonus.
  • Reduced Base Shield, and increased Magic Power bonus


  • Damage AoE: from 5 to 4
  • Max Duration: from 10s to 12s


A slight adjustment for Argus to make his skills feel more natural and less rough against other players. 


  • Reduced Base Physical Attack and Physical Attack Growth


  • First 2 Basic Attack’s Damage: 85% Physical Attack → 100% Physical Attack
  • 3rd Basic Attack Damage: 100% Physical Attack → 120% Physical Attack
  • Increased the Attack Speed of enhanced Basic Attacks
  • Slightly increased Energy gained when dealing damage
  • Slightly reduced the Energy gained per second
  • If an enhanced Basic Attack kills an enemy, the attack will no longer continue.

Skill 1

  • Slightly widened skill range
  • Slightly reduced stun duration
Mobile Legends Advanced Server Patch Update 1.5.70: Full Notes and Changes
Gloo will receive a few changes before being released in the regular servers.

New Hero Gloo

The devs want to make some final adjustments for the upcoming hero before he debuts in the regular server.


  • Damage interval after splitting: from 0.4s to 0.33s
  • Max HP gained after attached: from 40%-50% to 30%-35%


Players who have experienced playing as Beatrix in the regular servers have found that she falls behind if she performs poorly in the early game. However, she overperforms when she survives the early game and hits her power spike. The devs are making slight changes to balance her.

Renner – Basic Attack

  • Physical Lifesteal Gained: 50% → 80%
  • Damage: 225+450% Physical Attack → 125+500% Physical Attack

Wesker – Basic Attack

  • Physical Lifesteal Gained: 50% → 80%
  • Decay Ratio of Damage dealt to the same target: 50% → 40%

Bennett – Basic Attack

  • Damage: 120+240% Physical Attack → 70+280% Physical Attack
  • Slightly increased bullets’ flight speed

Nibiru – Basic Attack

  • Damage: 26+52% Physical Attack → 15+60% Physical Attack
  • Attack Range: 4.1 → 4.3 yards
  • Slightly increased attack backswing time


This is more like a visual and gameplay improvement for Yve rather than balance changes. The devs slightly made adjustments to make her gameplay much more smooth.

  • Minor changes to Yve’s Ultimate to better optimize the player’s experience when casting.
  • Her perspective has been slightly adjusted when using her Ultimate, to improve accuracy when using her starfield.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Hero Lock Mode” could prevent you from sliding when using the Ultimate.
  • Improved the smoothness of movement following the Ultimate, so that you can now move as usual once it ends, no matter when you start moving the joystick.

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ML Patch 1.5.70: System Adjustments

Draft Pick Mode Optimizations

  • The Fill button is now shown earlier after your penultimate teammate has made their selection.
  • Likes given to those who have filled roles will now also indicate the name of the player receiving the like,
  • Adjusted the duration of the applause effect played when a role is filled.
  • Optimized the hero selection display when filling roles. When selecting a teammate’s suggested Favorite Hero, you will be redirected to the selected hero in the hero list automatically
  • Pre-selecting heroes now also show the hero’s corresponding Lane.

Battlefield Prompt Optimizations

  • Jungling and killing minions: These prompts are now shown in the chat area, not the centre of the screen
  • Laning prompts: Fixed inconsistencies between the current hero and hero role prompts shown in certain circumstances.
  • Beginners’ alert prompt shown when attacking creeps: This alert will no longer be shown when attacking Crabs or Lithowanderers without Jungling Equipment.

Battlefield Adjustments

  • Optimized the color of Mana values in Cecilion’s skill description, to make it easier to differentiate between Mana bonuses and Magic Power bonuses.

Other Adjustments

  • Optimized the lobby feature, which allows you to receive invites from friends when it’s just you in the lobby.
  • Adjusted the frequency of the pop-ups regarding Conquest of Dawn.
  • Updated the corner markers of Elite, Special, Epic, Collector, and Legendary skins.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the same hero could trigger and stack Glowing Wand effects with their summon
  • Display issues were fixed that could occur when multiple sight-revealing functions become active at once.
  • Fixed an issue where the pointer between the feet of heroes able to transform would disappear upon transforming.
  • Fixed an issue where Benedetta could block control effects from Jawhead’s throws, but would still take damage.
  • An issue was fixed where Diggie would sometimes be unable to move after transforming into an egg.
  • Fixed an issue where, if Faramis died and then revived with his Ultimate and killed the same target whom he had been assisted in killing, he would be credited with both a kill and an assist
  • An issue where Beatrix’s Passive icon wouldn’t change to match her current weapon on the battlefield was fixed
  • Fixed an issue that would result in guide effects not appearing when you set up your Favorite Heroes
  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes prevent banning draft picks

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