MPL PH Season 7 Week 3 Preview: The Action Returns


MPL PH Season 7 Week 3 Preview: The Action Returns

John Dave Rossel
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  • After two weeks of waiting, the third week of MPL PH Season 7 will finally start this April 15, 2021.
  • Blacklist International holds their position at the top of the MPL PH Season 7 ranking, while Bren Esports seeks to redeem their disappointing run in the previous weeks.
  • Here is a quick preview of what took place during the previous weeks of the MPL PH Season 7.

The MPL PH Season 7 will finally resume later this week after quite a large hiatus. Although it is still early days, a few of the teams have already started punching above their weight in the league. Blacklist International and Onic PH have put in some phenomenal performances, pushing them up the table and making them the prime candidates to watch for in MPL PH Season 7. However, a few like M2 World Champions, Bren Esports have disappointed their fans with their uninspired play and their position in the group stage tables. The long break has given teams ample time to regroup and rethink their strategies which may cause us to see entirely different performances in the MPL PH Season 7 from Week 3. Here's what awaits us this week.

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Bren Esports Seeks Redemption After Ending Their Losing Streak

At the start of the MPL PH Season 7, Bren Esports seemed to have no luck in winning their matches as they went on and lost three consecutive matches before finally winning against Execration during the third day of Week 2. Bren Esports then promised that they will do better and have a stronger mindset in their future matches. Will they be able to deliver a solid performance in the third week? We’ll soon find out. 

Blacklist International Remains Undefeated

Tier One Entertainment’s MLBB team is off to a great run this MPL PH Season 7. With their impressive team captain Ohmyv33nus, they were able to hold onto their undefeated streak for two weeks straight. Blacklist is currently sitting on top of the Group B ranking with a score of three wins and no losses. It would be interesting to see if they will be able to continue their winning streak in the third week of the tournament.

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Cignal Ultra Finally Joins the Battlefield

After missing out on the first and second week of the MPL PH Season 7, Cignal Ultra will finally be participating in the upcoming third week of the tournament. For undisclosed reasons, the team wasn’t able to participate in the previous weeks, resulting in them having no score in the ranking. It would be interesting to see if they can surprise everyone with their season debut in the third week. 

The MPL PH teams had two weeks to prepare for the third week. Needless to say, we can expect a few surprises from them as they battle each other during the MPL PH Season 7 Week 3.

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