MPL PH Season 7 Week 2 Recap: Unstoppable Blacklist International is on Top


MPL PH Season 7 Week 2 Recap: Unstoppable Blacklist International is on Top

John Dave Rossel
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  • The second week of the MPL PH Season 7 has concluded with a lot of surprising events.
  • Bren Esports finally earned their first win in the MPL PH Season 7.
  • Here is a quick recap of the matches that took place in MPL PH Season 7 Week 2.

The second week of the MPL PH Season 7 has concluded. The second week was as action-packed as the first week of the tournament, with some incredible outplays and outdrafts. We witnessed Execration trying to suppress OhMyV33NUS by banning his best heroes but still losing. We also saw Blacklist International destroying Laus Playbook Esports with their annoying Diggie Strategy. We also saw some massive mistakes like Aura PH letting enemy minions destroy their Nexus. All in all, it was a hell of a week with a lot going on. So here is a quick recap of the matches that took place in MPL PH Season 7 Week 2.

MPL PH Season 7 - Week 2 Day 1 (March 26)

Execration fails to beat Blacklist International (0-2)

For the two games, Execration tried to suppress the power of Blacklist’s team captain OhMyV33NUS but failed miserably leading to a 0-2 loss in the second week of the MPL PH Season 7. 

During game one, Oheb’s Harith and Edward’s Benedetta lead the charge as the team pulled off a five-man wipeout during a fight in the Lord pit at the 10-minute mark. This proved to be a huge turning point for Blacklist as Execration lost their momentum from this point onward which gave their opponents a way back into the game and a chance to secure the win. Blacklist International fully capitalized on it securing a 1-0 lead in the series

Blacklist started an early Lord which forces Execration to start a team fight.

Execration once again had a good start to Game 2. However, after Blacklist took down the lord in the 12-minute mark and managed to even the tides. Execration tried to ambush Wise’s Yi Sun-Shin throughout the match but OhMyV33NUS’ impressive supportive capabilities with his Mathilda proved too much for Execration making Wise almost untouchable. The game ended with Blacklist securing a 2-0 victory in the series.

Omega Esports secures its first win, against Nexplay Esports (2-0)

Heath’s Paquito may not have had the best KDA in this series, but he was definitely crucial in controlling team fights for Omega. Nexplay relied on farm-dependent heroes like Claude and Benedetta but they couldn’t maximize them due to Omega’s overall map pressure. While Nexplay was busy keeping up with the ever-increasing gap between them and Omega, Hadjizy’s Ling has secured objectives for his team which ultimately led to Nexplay’s untimely defeat and Omega securing the win. 

Nexplay tried to defend the base but got overwhelmed by Omega.

In the second game, Nexplay tried a much more aggressive approach with H2wo’s signature hero Ling. Despite H2wo’s attempt to carry his team, Omega’s Haze with his Silvanna and Toshi with his Esmeralda proved too much for Nexplay as they got overwhelmed in the late game. Nexplay may have had the kill advantage but they lost all their turrets making it hard for them to make a comeback. Omega secured a win with a flawless score of 2-0.

MPL PH Season 7 - Week 2 Day 2 (March 27)

Aura PH dominates world champion Bren Esports (2-1)

In Game 1, Bren Esports had the early game advantage. However, despite securing two lords, they had a hard time closing the game as Aura managed to defend their base which forced Bren to retreat. However, Aura PH made the mistake of leaving their base unattended. Killuash came to the rescue but it was too late as Bren’s minions carved a huge chunk of their nexus and secured a win.

Aura PH made the mistake of leaving their nexus open for attacks.

Aura PH became much more cautious during game two. LORD HADESS dominated the game with his Granger with the help of Jaypee’s Jawhead as they went all-in with their aggressive approach. Bren Esports was just overwhelmed by it and failed to secure too many kills or turrets from Aura. The match ended with Aura scoring 18 kills and Bren only 4 kills. 

Bren tried to strike back hard with KarlTzy’s Lancelot in game three which proved effective in the early game. However, Bren Esports let Aura secure the Lord at the 12-minute mark which allowed their opponents to push forward and allowed Bennyqt to secure a triple kill with his Chou and secured a win giving Aura PH securing a 2-1 win in this series. 

Blacklist International pummels Laus Playbook Esports with Diggie (2-0)

Blacklist dominated the underdogs during game one. ESON whipped up everyone’s favorite hero, Diggie, and initiated a Feeding Diggie strat which really caught Laus off guard. The first match ended with Blacklist securing the first win and only ESON contributing to all the kills from Laus.

Eson’s Diggie was the only source of kills for Laus.

It was Wise’s turn to shine during game two as he dominated with a total of 12 kills from his Brody at the end of the game. Aura PH couldn’t even close the gap between them and Blacklist as Wise just kept getting kills and grew more powerful throughout the match. The game ended with Blacklist taking the victory against Aura PH.  

MPL PH Season 7 - Week 2 Day 3 (March 28)

Work Auster Force gets off the mark with a win against Nexplay Esports (2-1)

In the first game, H2wo’s Benedetta completely wiped the floor as he led the charge in team fights and won. Work couldn’t do much in the first game other than keep farming which led to Nexplay gaining the momentum to push forward and secure a win. 

In the second game, Work managed to initiate a counter-attack with their team, focusing on massive sustain that H2wo couldn’t contest. Nexplay had the early game, but 3MarTzy’s impressive Uranus gameplay was enough to carry Work from losing team fights and help the team secure a win. 

Nexplay couldn’t compete against 3MarTzy’s Uranus in team fights.

Nexplay surprisingly had a disappointing performance on the third match. They failed to secure any turrets from Work. It was all over for Nexplay when Work secured a Lord at the 10-minute mark. Nexplay tried to defend their base, but Chuuu’s Hayabusa has already reached his maximum potential, allowing Work to secure a win. 

Bren Esports finally reverses its fortunes against Execration (2-1)

Execration capitalized on Bren Esports’ biggest weakness and initiated a Diggie Strategy. Despite KarlTzy’s desperate attempt to carry his team with his Claude, the rest of the members performed poorly, allowing Execration to dominate the first game and secure a win.

Bren Esports finally turned their fortunes in this tournament with their Game 2 against Execration. With Ribo’s Uranus and KarlTzy’s Brody, Bren Esports swept the floor against Execration. They applied overwhelming pressure on the map, which ruined Execration’s momentum to secure the second game victory even out the series.

Bren’s overaggressive gameplay prevented Execration from securing any turrets.

In another impressive performance by Bren Esports in the third game, similar to the second game, Execration failed to take down any of Bren’s turrets. E2Max could have been Execration’s only hope, but Bren always kept them under their control, preventing the former from farming and securing objectives to make his way back into the game. The match ended with Bren Esports securing a win 2-1.

Onic PH dominates the underdog Laus Playbook Esports (2-0)

Onic took the win in the first game. Uranus made another appearance under the control of Dlar, which proved crucial as he and Jay’s Angela provided massive sustain for Hate’s Ling to survive team fights. The match hended with Onic taking the first win.

Laus tried to defend their base but Onic's impressive team chemistry was proven superior.

Onic’s impressive team chemistry impressed everyone in the second game. Laus couldn’t come up with a strategy that can defeat the dynamic duo of Jay’s Angela and Hate’s Ling. The dynamic duo led the charge as Dlar’s Thamuz served as the team’s tank. The match ended with Onic securing the win against Laus.

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