MPL PH Season 7 Week 1 Recap: Bren Esports Have a Shocker



MPL PH Season 7 Week 1 Recap: Bren Esports Have a Shocker

John Dave Rossel
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  • The first week of the MPL PH Season 7 has concluded.
  • The first week was full of intense moments and surprising performances for each team.
  • Here is a quick recap of the MPL PH Season 7 Week 1

The first week of the MPL PH Season 7 has concluded. Even though it’s just the first week of the tournament, the battle is already heating up. We witnessed Blacklist International’s Harith claiming two triple kills against Aura PH. Execration’s KielVJ even carried his team to victory despite being injured due to a recent accident. Fans were also shocked by Bren Esport’s unsavory performance for the first week of the tournament. Laus Playbook Esports proved they are more than just underdogs and dominated Nexplay Esports. Here is a quick recap of the matches during the MPL PH Season 7 Week 1 Day 1.

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MPL PH Season 7 - Week 1 Day 1

KielVJ Carries Execration to Victory Despite Injury

In their first game, Omega had the right team chemistry but Execration executed precise counter picking allowing them to keep Omega within their grasp and control the late game.

MPL PH Season 7 Week 1 Recap: Bren Esports Have a Shocker
KielVJ ending the game all all by himself.

The second game went sour for Omega as KielVJ carried Execration in the match with 8 kills and no deaths. Needless to say, KielVJ’s injury didn’t stop him from dominating the first day of the MPL PH Season 7. The match ended with Execration securing two flawless wins against Omega Esports. 

Aura PH Proved It’s Unstoppable Against Work Auster Force

Aura PH couldn't do much in the first game as Work took control of the entire match. Aura managed to defend their nexus for a while, but 3MarTzy successfully initiated a three-hero knock-up with his Chou, which ruined Aura's team formation, giving Work the chance to grab their first win.

MPL PH Season 7 Week 1 Recap: Bren Esports Have a Shocker
Work Auster Force desperately defending their turrets.

In the second match, Aura managed to counterattack and took control of the game, securing as many objectives as they could and keeping Work from pushing their turrets. Bennyqt lead the charge with his impressive Bane gameplay along with Unravel's very annoying Diggie, which definitely caught Work off guard. Aura managed to secure the win in the second game as a result.

In the third match, Aura seems to be losing every team fight. So instead of initiating team fights, they forced their way into pushing Work's turrets which gave them a good early game advantage despite losing in almost all team fights. In the end, Work may have the kill advantage during the early game, but Aura PH controlled the game overall with their impressive rotations and split pushing. The match ended with a score of two wins for Aura and one win for Work Auster Force.

MPL PH Season 7 - Week 1 Day 2

Laus Playbook Esports Outlasts Nexplay Esports

Laus went on the aggressive approach right from the get-go. However, Nexplay responded with force and punished them hard for some of their mispositioning in the first game. Laus kept getting bullied, which forced them to frequently recall back to the base, losing gold and XP in the process. Renejay’s Wanwan proved too much for Laus as he scored a 4-0-6 KDA while H2wo’s Roger carried the match with a 6-1-4 KDA. The first match ended with Nexplay securing the win. 

MPL PH Season 7 Week 1 Recap: Bren Esports Have a Shocker
Nexplay tried to go in to kill Harith but got punished.

The second game looked like Nexplay was on a roll again as they dominated the early game as they rely on LanceCy’s Yve to initiate team fights. However, Laus was brewing something behind their backs as they took the first turret on Nexplay’s side and managed to disrupt Nexplay’s formation. LanceCy initiated team fights for Nexplay, but Yve’s Real World Manipulation skill couldn’t keep Aspect’s Harith from pressing forward and taking them out securing Laus Game 2.

The last game was pure domination from Laus as Beemo picked Rafaela while Aspect picked Bruno, a classic team combo that no one expected to see. The game went sour for Nexplay as H2wo couldn’t secure a single kill. Rafaela’s supportive capabilities proved too much for Nexplay. The match ended with Laus securing a total of 23 kills while Nexplay only had 6 kills.

Bren Esports Bows Down to Onic PH

In the first game, Bren dominated the entire match, with KarlTzy’s Benedetta getting a killing spree at the 9-minute mark. He then made a questionable choice of diving the bottom turret only to get executed along with Lusty’s Lapu-Lapu. Despite this, Bren managed to end the match in their favor with 18 kills and 10 for Onic PH. 

In the second game, Bren seemed to have got this in the bag as they take down all of Onic’s turrets, leaving Onic with only a Nexus to defend. However, Bren made the mistake of letting Onic take the Lord, and they paid the price. Onic, with nothing left to lose, went all out and pushed Bren’s mid lane with their Lord, which caught Bren off guard. Onic surprisingly won the match despite the odds stacking against their favor. 

MPL PH Season 7 Week 1 Recap: Bren Esports Have a Shocker
Bren didn’t even try to steal the Lord.

Onic did the unexpected and dominated Bren in the third game. Kairi’s Lunox managed to get a Monster Kill only five minutes into the match. Bren couldn’t even fight back as Kairi just kept getting kills and eventually hit Legendary with eight kills and no deaths. The game was over when Onic secured the dragon and ended the match with a total score of 16 kills, while Bren only had 3 kills on the table. 

MPL PH Season 7 - Week 1 Day 3

Blacklist International Dominated Aura PH

The first game was claimed by Aura PH as Killuash’s Benedetta proved too much for Blacklist to handle. Aura was dictating the entire match from start to finish. Eson’s Tigreal couldn’t get his core items in time as Aura PH just kept picking him off and potentially removing his capabilities as the Tank. The game came to a close, with Aura scoring fifteen kills and Blacklist with 4 kills.

Blacklist went on the cautious route on the second game. Carefully making their moves and only picking fights that can make a big impact. Aura didn’t do so well as they allowed Blacklist to secure a lord at the 12-minute mark, which gave them the winning push and end the second game with 17 total kills while Aura only got five kills. 

MPL PH Season 7 Week 1 Recap: Bren Esports Have a Shocker
Blacklist, with the Lord on their side, finishing the match.

In the third match, Aura went aggressive, scoring four kills in just five minutes. However, Blacklist’s careful execution of their plans led to them crawling back up on top and dominated Aura in the late game with Oheb’s Harith earning a triple kill and started killing anyone who gets in his way leading Blacklist to their second win. 

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Nexplay Esports Crushed Bren Esports With a Flawless Win

It was an intense fight for Nexplay and Bren as they faired evenly to each other. However, Lusty’s Chou proved to be problematic for Bren as he kept dying, which gave Jeymz and H2wo the edge they needed to hit their power spikes first. FlapTzy and Ribo tried to best to carry the team but couldn’t do much against Nexplay’s solid chemistry. The match ended with Nexplay winning with 16 kills and Bren with 13 kills.

MPL PH Season 7 Week 1 Recap: Bren Esports Have a Shocker
Ribo desperately defending the inner turrets.

The second match didn’t go so well for Bren either. H2wo’s Ling dominated the entire match and no one from Bren Esports could stop him. H2wo’s Ling and Exort’s Yve proved too much for Bren as they kept losing team fights and objectives. The match ended with a massive 20 kills for Nexplay, while Bren only got 6 total kills. 

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