Nexplay Tempest Wild Rift: A New Female Esports Team Announced

Nexplay Tempest Wild Rift: A New Female Esports Team Announced

Vignesh Raghuram
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  • Nexplay Tempest Wild Rift featuring several ex-League of Legends (PC) pros announced.
  • Here are the full details of the new lineup

Nexplay Tempest Wild Rift, Nexplay Esports' new all-female roster has just been announced. The Filipino organization has elected for an experienced roster, featuring ex League of Legends (PC), Mobile Legends, and Marvel: Super War pros. The team currently features six players including Chabi "Chabi" Doble, Gia "Jeeya" Llanes, Jasmin "Penguw1n" Matunan, Christine "Rayray" Natividad, Stephany "Stephsu" Kate Bergado, and Angel "Angelailaila" Danica Lozada. Nexplay Tempest Wild Rift is aiming to compete with the best Wild Rift teams in the region and perhaps become the strongest team in the Mobile MOBA title. Riot Games has previously talked about a potential women’s Valorant league if the company feels there is a need for it, it will be interesting to see if it maintains the same ideology for Wild Rift as well.

Nexplay Tempest Wild Rift's Female Roster: Full Details

Nexplay Tempest Wild Rift features some of the top female pros in the region, who were selected for the mobile esports squad after a 3-day tryout period. Here are some additional details about the players that are now part of the new Wild Rift lineup.

Nexplay Tempest Wild Rift: A New Female Esports Team Announced

Chabi "Chabi" Doble - ADC

Chabi is the team's primary ADC player. She has previously played in  Ardent Esports' League of Legends (PC) lineup and competed in the Female Esports League (FSL).

Gia "Jeeya" Llanes - Support

Jeeya will play as the Support in this lineup. Her previous esports experience includes competing in Dota with Mineski Girls and League of Legends PC with Liyab Esports where she won the championship for FSL 2019. She also competed with Ardent esports. 

Jasmin "Penguw1n" Matunan - Mid Lane

Penguw1n is another ex-League of Legends (PC) player who competed with Mob eSports in the Female Esports League. She will be Nexplay Tempest Wild Rift's mid laner.

Christine "Rayray" Natividad - Baron Lane

Rayray was Penguw1n's partner in crime at Mob eSports, playing in the Female Esports League as part of the League of Legends (PC) roster. She will be playing in the Baron Lane.

Stephany "Stephsu" Kate Bergado - Support

Stephsu is a mobile esports veteran competing in Mobile Legends under the team of Digital Devils, in tournaments like the FSL and Liga Adarna. She is the sixth man on the team.

Angel "Angelailaila" Danica Lozada - Jungler

Angelailaila is Nexplay Tempest Wild Rift's jungler. She has experience in titles like Marvel Super War and Mobile Legends playing under the Digital Devils banner. 

Speaking about the Nexplay Tempest Wild Rift roster, Founder and CEO Gabriel Benito stated:

"More than ever, women in esports play a vital role in the whole gaming ecosystem. With Nexplay Esports, establishing a fresh new approach in building an All-star, All-Girls Team. We not only look at the competitive aspect of esports but the wider spectrum that includes the fun, entertainment, and business side that merits both the fans and the brands."

Nexplay Esports was one of the first teams to sign a Wild Rift roster in the Philippines and has been one of the more dominant organizations in the Filipino Wild Rift scene. The team has performed consistently well securing a 2nd place finish at the Wild Rift Asia Brawl 2021 and winning the Wild Rift Underground - Season 1. It will be interesting to see if the same will be replicated with the Female division of the team.

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