Mobile Legends Survival: Nexus Game Mode is Now Live


Mobile Legends Survival: Nexus Game Mode is Now Live

John Dave Rossel
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  • Mobile Legends Survival: Nexus is now live in the game with new gameplay mechanics.
  • Players will take control of Beatrix as they fight other Beatrix in the battlefield and become the last squad alive in the match.
  • The new game mode is a mix of the traditional Battle Royale and MOBA mechanics.

Mobile Legends Survival: Nexus is now live in the game. Players can now play the much-awaited Battle Royale MOBA game mode featuring the upcoming hero Beatrix in the new game mode. Considering that she is only available at the Survival: Nexus game mode until she is officially released on March 19, 2021, this could prove to be a good opportunity for eager MLBB players to try out the new hero. A total of 100 players will drop into the battlefield as copies of Beatrix and scavenge for weapons and gadgets to become the last player or squad alive in the match.

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Mobile Legends Survival: Nexus Details

The new game mode takes inspiration from traditional Battle Royale games with a mix of MOBA mechanics. Players will have to scavenge for loots and fight monsters to survive as the safe zone gets smaller and smaller. Players outside the safe zone will take damage over time until they move inside. 

Every player will take control of Beatrix as they fight other Beatrix in the match. This is a perfect opportunity to try out the new hero and experience her new mechanic and playstyle. 

How to Play Survival: Nexus

You can access the new game mode through the Arcade section and by selecting the “Survival Nexus”

The game pits 100 players divided into several 2-member squads. Players will drop down from a flying dragon onto the map. Players can choose their drop zones, so choose wisely. 

The game has a total of seven different weapons that players can acquire by looting the battlefield. These weapons range from pistols to rocket launchers. 

Different weapons are scattered around the battlefield for players to loot.

The map is filled with monsters that carry useful loots for each team. Defeating these monsters will drop their loot and can be distributed equally to players. These monsters have their own abilities. Knowing their abilities will give players an advantage and figure out a strategy to defeat these monsters with ease.

Monsters have different abilities and drops loots.

Dragons will provide supply drops at regular intervals around the map. Securing these supply drops will increase your team’s chances of survival as they give rare abilities and equipment. However, players will also be thinking of the same thing, so proceed with caution. 

Dragons drop supply crates around the map that contains rare powerful loots.

Players can be revived as long as one of their teammates is still alive. However, players can only be revived a short time after death, so players will have to be quick if they want to revive their dead teammates.

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The Survival: Nexus game mode is a massive step in the right direction in the Battle Royale and MOBA genre. No wonder a lot of players are looking forward to playing this game mode.

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