Mobile Legends Lethal Nexus Pre-order Event: Obtain Free Skins and More


Mobile Legends Lethal Nexus Pre-order Event: Obtain Free Skins and More

John Dave Rossel
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  • The Lethal Nexus Pre-order event which rewards players who log in to the game with free skins and more has just been announced.
  • A browser event that gives a generous amount of permanent skins is also available for ML players.
  • These events are in preparation for the upcoming new hero "Beatrix" and the new game mode "Lethal Nexus."

The Mobile Legends Lethal Nexus Pre-order Event has been announced. Players can obtain free skins and other in-game loots by simply logging into the game. The Lethal Nexus Pre-order event will last for eight days and is in preparation for the upcoming new game mode Lethal Nexus and the arrival of the highly anticipated marksman hero, Beatrix - the Dawnbreaker Soldier which will arrive on March 19, 2021. The event also features a comic that tells Beatrix’s backstory that players can read through the event link. Here are more details regarding the Lethal Nexus Pre-order Event in Mobile Legends. 

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Lethal Nexus Pre-order Event Details

The event is pretty straightforward. Players can claim the rewards by simply logging in every day. A total of four rewards can be obtained in the event, including a free skin trial card. 

Here are the rewards players can obtain in the Lethal Nexus Pre-order event;

  • Day 1: Small Emblem Pack 5x
  • Day 2:  Tickets 20x
  • Magic Dust 40x
  • Deluxe Skin Trial Card (1 day) x3

Players can claim these rewards before March 16, 2021. Don’t miss out on this simple yet rewarding event in the game. 

After claiming your rewards, you can read a comic about Beatrix.

Players can also click the story button to access the comic made by Moonton that tells the story of their upcoming new marksmen hero, Beatrix. 

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Survivor’s Trial Browser Event Details

Accompanying the Lethal Nexus Pre-order event, a browser event is also available for players that give a generous amount of permanent skins. The “Survivor’s Tria” is an event where players deploy units on the battlefield and defeat enemies to earn rewards. 

You can obtain free skins after reaching certain milestones in the web event.

Players will have to complete event tasks to gain points. Players will have a chance to obtain either a trial card or a permanent skin after reaching a particular event milestone. If players are lucky enough, they can acquire a ton of permanent skins of up to Epic tier in the event. 

These are just a few of the events that Moonton has released for March 2021. There are more upcoming events that reward players with more permanents skins soon, along with the release of the new hero, Beatrix. 

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