Mobile Legends Mayhem Mode is Back with Four New Heroes


Mobile Legends Mayhem Mode is Back with Four New Heroes

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  • Mayhem Mode returns in Mobile Legends for a limited time until March 7, 2021.
  • The event is an amplified version of the classic 5v5 game mode in ML with faster gold and exp farming and enhanced hero skills.
  • The game mode can be played under the Arcade section of the main lobby.

The Mobile Legends Mayhem Mode is back for a limited time, along with four new heroes, Yve, Benedetta, Mathilda, and Barats, added to the hero pool. The ML event will last until March 7, 2021 and can be accessed in the Arcade section of the game along with Magic Chess. The Mobile Legends Mayhem Mode works similar to the traditional 5v5 MOBA game mode but offers a much more action-packed experience with enhanced hero abilities, faster gold and exp income, and more. These features significantly shorten the duration of each match and make team fights more intense. Here is a quick look at the Mobile Legends Mayhem Mode.

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Mobile Legends Mayhem Mode: Event Details

The Mobile Legends Mayhem Mode is a 5v5 classic game mode, but everything is enhanced to make matches intense and fast-paced. All the available ML heroes have improved skill effects, damage, and skill cooldown. Players will start with a level four hero and gain Gold and Exp much faster than the classic ML game mode. The cooldown of the spell “Arrival” is greatly reduced allowing players to teleport back to lanes more frequently.

The buffs given by jungle monsters are also enhanced, and Lord now deals double damage to turrets. Securing these buffs is crucial to winning the match as they make a massive impact in the game due to their enhanced effects. 

Mobile Legends Mayhem Mode: Four New Heroes Added

Moonton added four additional ML heroes to the game mode’s hero pool. Here are the new heroes added;

  • Yve
  • Benedetta
  • Mathilda
  • Barats

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How to Play Mobile Legends Mayhem Mode

The new mode in ML can be accessed in the Arcade action of the main lobby. Simply navigate through the game modes by tapping the arrows until you reach the Arcade Modes.

Mobile Legends Mayhem Mode is Back with Four New Heroes
Mayhem Mode is found in the Arcade section.

You might need to download the game mode to play it. The update size is around 3MB which is relatively small and will most likely take only a few minutes to download, depending on your network connection. 

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