Stalwart Esports Partners with Flex to Compete at The PUBG Mobile Cup Open 2021


Stalwart Esports Partners with Flex to Compete at The PUBG Mobile Cup Open 2021

Abhimannu Das
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  • Stalwart Esports has partnered with Flex to compete at the ongoing PMCO Pakistan Finals scheduled for later this month.
  • The event features a total prize pool of $29,200 making it one of the biggest PUBG Mobile events in Pakistan.
  • The announcement was made on Stalwart's official Instagram handle on February 16th.

Stalwart Esports announced their new lineup for PMCO Pakistan 2021. The official Stalwart Esports account on Instagram revealed the roster and talked about how the lineup is a “perfect description of aggressiveness, sharp mindset, strategical mindset, experience and top-notch athletes.” The organization revealed that it is excited to start their competitive journey with the players. The roster is competing at the PMCO event which kicked off on February 16th and will conclude on February 21st. With a prize pool of $29,200, it is one of the biggest PUBG Mobile events in Pakistan. 

Stalwart Esports Official Roster Overview 

The team competing at the PUBG Mobile Cup Open 2021 includes: 

  • STEflexTRYNDA 
  • STEflexUZM 
  • STEflexBLADE
  • STEflexCRYPTO 
  • STEflexDaim

On February 15th Stalwarts Esports teased its fans about the official roster reveal On February 16th at 1.30 PM PST/ 2.00 PM IST, the organization revealed that the new roster would be competing at the PMCO Finals. 

PUBG Mobile Cup Open Spring 2021 Overview

The group stage of the event kicked off on February 16th with the top 32 teams in Pakistan being split into groups for the qualifiers. The six-day event is being broadcasted on the official PUBG Mobile Pakistan YouTube page from 5:00 PM PKT/5:30 PM IST each day.

There will be a total of four groups with all sides playing 12 matches each. The top teams from the group stage will compete at the regional final which is scheduled from February 24th to February 28th. A total of four matches will be played each day with Erangel set as the flagship map. 

  • Match 1: Erangel
  • Match 2: Sanhok
  • Match 3: Miramar
  • Match 4: Erangel

 Teams Competing at PMCO 2021

Group A

  1. Lost Esports
  3. bfmEsports
  4. Team Stoners
  6. North Esports
  7. Fyme Esports
  8. C4Gaming

Group B

  1. Team Retributionx110
  2. Team FROST
  3. Team47x
  4. kodxRog
  5. 2x OFFICIAL nse
  6. Team TUF
  7. Team F4
  8. The Grounders

Group C

  2. Hellraisers
  3. The Royals
  4. STARxOps
  5. E-Sport Nation
  6. The Expendables
  7. Magnus Esports
  8. Team Arkadians

Group D

  1. RedstonePK
  2. Portal Esports
  3. Destroyer Esports
  4. TeamH2e
  5. N2D
  6. Free Style
  7. ZARAR Esports
  8. NFPxSky Esports

The top three teams competing at the PMCO Pakistan 2021 Spring event will be taking home a majority of the $29,200 prize pool. English casters Varun and Ocean the official on-air talent members for the South Asia region. 

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