EVOS Reborn Announced Their PUBG Mobile Roster


Evos Reborn

EVOS Reborn Announced Their PUBG Mobile Roster

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  • The roster for EVOS Reborn has been announced.
  • The team is composed of Microboy, RedFace, Lyzerg, and Auro.
  • Microboy is a former Bigetron Red Aliens member who specializes in the Support Role while RedFace is a former member of the Ion Esports and is one of the best Fragger.

EVOS Reborn’s PUBG Mobile roster has been revealed in their social media handles. The EVOS Reborn roster is composed of veteran PUBG Mobile esports professionals, Microboy, RedFace, Auro, and Lyzerg. With the upcoming PMCO Spring 2021, it would seem that the organization has already started preparing for it. EVOS Esports is one of the formidable esports teams in Indonesian PUBGM, winning the PUBG Mobile Indonesia National Championship in 2019. It will be interesting to see their new roster’s performance in the upcoming PUBGM esports events. Here is a quick look at the new EVOS Reborn PUBG Mobile roster. 

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EVOS Reborn PUBG Mobile Roster Revealed

The team is named EVOS Reborn, which is comprised of veteran PUBG Mobile esports pros from Indonesia. The team is aiming to dominate the PUBG Mobile Esports event for 2021. 

Here is the full roster of the EVOS Reborn;

  • Microboy: Nizar Lugatio Pratama
  • RedFace: Eksa Rachman Jayanto
  • Auro: Sabda Bisma Bawaleksana
  • Lyzerg: Putra Pitoy
EVOS Reborn Announced Their PUBG Mobile Roster
EVOS Reborn PUBG Mobile team has been announced.

Microboy is a former Bigetron Red Aliens member who recently shifted to EVOS Esports. He specializes in the support role, which helped his former team, Bigetron Red Aliens secure multiple titles.

RedFace is a former member of Ion Esports. He is considered one of the best fraggers in Indonesia. He was recently awarded the Team MVP and Terminator during the PUBG Mobile Pro League: Indonesia 2020.

Lyzerg has been with EVOS Esports since 2020 and has been showing a stellar performance under the organization. He also received the Terminator title during PUBG Indonesia National Championship (PINC) 2020.

Auro is one of the veteran members of EVOS Esports. He has been with the organization since 2018 and has since been one of the best players for the team. He helped in achieving the title of Champions in the PINC 2019.

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At a glance, it seems like EVOS Reborn has a pretty solid team with some of Indonesian PUBG Mobile’s best players like Microboy and RedFace in the roster. It will undoubtedly be interesting to see how well EVOS Reborn performs against the likes of Bigetron Red Aliens and Aerowolf LIMAX in the upcoming PUBG Mobile tournaments. 

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