Free Fire Max February 2021: List of Countries Who Can Play



Free Fire Max February 2021: List of Countries Who Can Play

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  • Free Fire Max is a client for Free Fire with improved visual graphics and smoother gameplay.
  • The app is only available to Malaysia, Bolivia, and Vietnam.
  • FF Max is not available to players in India, Brazil, Indonesia and other countries

Free Fire Max is a new and improved version of the popular Battle Royale game, Free Fire. This version offers a ton of exciting new features like improved graphics, sound effects, animations, interface, and many more which adds a whole new level of immersion to players. The progress that players made from the traditional Free Fire client are shared in Free Fire Max so they don’t have to start from scratch. However, the improved client is still in its beta phase and is only available in specific countries. Here is a quick look at which countries can play Free Fire Max.

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Free Fire Max: List of Countries Who Can Play

Free Fire Max is still in its beta phase. The devs are working on improving the client before making it accessible to all regions. This is why only a few countries will have access to this.

Here are the countries that have access to Free Fire Max;

  • Malaysia
  • Bolivia
  • Vietnam

Unfortunately, players from India and Brazil, two of the countries with the biggest playerbases currently do not have access to FF Max.

Free Fire players from the said countries are currently the regions that can download Free Fire Max in the Google Play Store. Other countries will have to keep their eyes peeled for upcoming updates when FF Max will be released in their region.

How to Download Free Fire Max using APK and OBB Files

Players can have access to FF Max by downloading the app’s APK and OBB files. The size of this file is 895MB. Players will have to ensure they have enough space for the app before downloading.

Here are the steps on how you can download and install Free Fire Max using the APK and OBB files;

  1. Download the file provided and extract the files on your device. 
  2. Install the FF Max Apk on your device. If prompted to “Install from Unknown Source,” enable it by tapping at the pop-up notification.
  3. After installing the application, do not run it yet. Access the previously extracted files and copy ‘com.dts.freefiremax’ folder to the file location “Android/OBB.”
  4. Open the app and log in using your Garena account.
Free Fire Max February 2021: List of Countries Who Can Play
Paste the ‘com.dts.freefiremax’ folder here

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What is Free Fire Max?

Free Fire Max is a visual upgrade of the current mobile game. The improved client features higher quality visuals which can go up to 4k resolution if your device supports it. The new client offers better graphics, stunning effects, and much smoother gameplay. This app doesn’t change the mechanics of the game, it only improves the game visually so you won’t have to worry about disadvantages if you play against players with FF Max.

Free Fire Max February 2021: List of Countries Who Can Play
Free Fire Max offers Full HD Graphics of up to 4k resolution.

The devs will be expanding their reach to other regions in due time. For now, players can enjoy exciting events in Free Fire like the Project Cobra update and the most awaited Free Fire x Attack on Titan Collaboration Event. 

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