Execration ML Reveals Their MPL Season 7 Roster


Execration ML Reveals Their MPL Season 7 Roster

John Dave Rossel
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  • Execration ML has revealed their roster for the upcoming MPL-PH Season 7.
  • The team is composed of Renzio, E2MAX, Keilvj, Ch4knu, Z4pnu and Kelra.
  • Kielvj and Renzio are former Aura PH members while Kelra is Execration's promising rookie.

Execration ML just revealed their MPL PH Season 7 roster through their social media handles on Feb. 14, 2021. The team is composed of Renzio in the EXP Lane, E2Max as Support, Kielvj in the Mid Lane, Ch4knu as the team’s Tank, Kelra in the Gold Lane, and Z4pnu as their flexible member who can play any role. Their latest additions to the team, Renzio and Kielvj are former Aura PH members who have proven themselves and have won two MPL championships in their careers. With the two new members, Execration ML will compete in the upcoming MPL PH Season 7 tournament against the best Mobile Legends teams in the Philippines. 

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Execration ML Roster Revealed

Their official roster has been revealed through their Facebook post with the caption “WE ARE READY!.” They recently added two former Aura PH esports pros, Renzio and Kielvj, along with their new recruit Kelra who has also shown promise as the team’s Gold Laner. 

Here is the Execration ML’s full roster;

  • EXP LANE: Renz “Renzio” Errol Cadua
  • SUPPORT: Patrick “E2MAX” James Caidic
  • MID LANE: Kiel “Kielvj” VJ Hernandez
  • TANK: Joshua “Ch4knu” Mangilog
  • GOLD LANE: Grant “Kelra" Duane Pillas
  • 6TH MAN (Any Role): Billy ”Z4pnu" Jazha Alfonso 

Renzio started his career as a member of the Sunsparks which later rebranded to Aura PH. Recently, he was recruited by Execration ML where he will now be fighting alongside his new team in the upcoming MPL Season 7.

E2MAX is the team’s support and also serves as their team captain. Under his wing, the team secured third place in last year’s MPL-PH Season 6. 

Kielvj, who won the MVP award in the MPL-PH season 5, is arguably one of the most experienced players to date. With him in the Execration ML roster, the team is growing stronger than ever. He is also a former member of Aura PH along with Renzio. 

Ch4knu is one of the best players of Execration ML, widely known for his amazing plays using a tank or fighter heroes. He is also considered as the face of Execration, often interacting with their fans and sharing his life as an esports pro under Execration in his vlogs. 

Kelra is Execration ML’s latest recruit. With the recent departure of two of their members, Hate and Bennyqt, the rookie has proven himself to be formidable during the Just ML Cup 2021 where they were recently crowned as champions. 

Z4pnu is one of the veterans in Execration ML. Often playing as the 6th Man, Z4pnu is one of the best players of Execration. Not only he can play any role, but his synergy with his team has also proven to be top-notch.

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It would be interesting to see how well they perform in the upcoming tournaments, especially the MPL PH Season 7, one of the biggest tournaments in Mobile Legends. 

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