Mobile Legends: Shake Dice Event Leaked



Mobile Legends: Shake Dice Event Leaked

John Dave Rossel
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  • A new event called Shake Dice Event is revealed in the advanced server for Mobile Legends.
  • The event is similar to last year's Blazing West event where players roll a die and and move through the game board.
  • The event is expected to come out in March 2021 along with another event called Gacha Carnival 2021.

The Shake Dice Event in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has been revealed in the game's advanced server. The exact release date for the Shake Dice Event in ML is still unknown, but it is expected to be released sometime in March 2021. The event rewards players with Epic Skins and other in-game items by simply playing a mini-game. The mini-game is similar to the last year’s Blazing West event. Players will roll triangular dice and will move on the game board depending on the number rolled. Here is a quick look at the upcoming Shake Dice Event in Mobile Legends.

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Shake Dice Event Details

The Shake Dice event in ML is similar to a board game where players will roll a 3-sided die and will move according to the number they got. There will be various in-game items found on the board that players can acquire if they land on a specific location. Players will receive a reward for each lap they complete on the board. The rewards get better the more laps players make on the board. 

The grand prize is an epic skin chest that gives a random skin of Epic Grade. However, this event is still a work in progress and changes might occur before it gets released on the regular servers. 

Shake Dice Event Mini-game Board.

Players can acquire dice rolls by completing event tasks found in the mini-game menu. The tasks will vary from logging in every day to getting a certain amount of kills in a specific game mode. 

On top of the Shake Dice Event in Mobile Legends, another event is also featured in the advanced server called Carnival Gacha Party 2021. There are no details regarding this event except for the prizes. Players can expect to acquire Profile Borders, Emotes, and EXP Cards.

Carnival Gacha 2021 preview in the Advance Server for Mobile Legends.

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It would seem that a lot of good things are coming our way this coming March 2021 in Mobile Legends. Aside from these upcoming events, Beatrix will also be released on the regular servers sometime this March. Keep your eyes peeled for news regarding upcoming content in Mobile Legends. 

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