New Mobile Legends Hero Gloo, Released on the Advanced Server



New Mobile Legends Hero Gloo, Released on the Advanced Server

John Dave Rossel
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  • A new Mobile Legends hero, Gloo, has been released in the advanced server.
  • Gloo is a tank hero focusing on massive crowd control effects to annoy enemies. He can also attach himself to enemies and deal damage to them passively.
  • The new hero is still a work in progress and might be changed in the future.

A new hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Gloo, has been released on the advanced server of the game. Gloo, previously known as Daktech, is a parasitic tank hero and has been updated with a character model, splash art, and skill animations. The ML hero features a new mechanic that allows him to attach himself to enemy heroes. Every time he takes damage, the enemy hero he is bounded with also takes damage. Interestingly, the ML hero's abilities are more focused on crowd control effects, which can be very annoying for his enemies. Here is a quick look at the new hero in Mobile Legends, Gloo.

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New Mobile Legends Hero Gloo Details

The new hero has been revealed for quite some time now through various concept arts provided by Moonton. The hero recently made its way into the ML advanced server and is expected to make its way into the regular servers shortly. His skills are more focused on Crowd Control and being as tanky as possible to annoy enemies. 

Here are the skill descriptions for the new Mobile Legends hero, Gloo, based on the advanced server;

Passive Skill: Stick, Stick

Enemies who attack or get attacked by Gloo will receive a stack called “Sticky,” and will be slowed based on how many stacks they have. Gloo will also heal for each basic attack he makes. The “Sticky“debuff stacks up to five times. 

Skill 1: Slam, Slam

Gloo will reach out on an enemy and slam the ground to deal magic damage. A part of Gloo called “Goo” will then be left behind and will explode after a few seconds to deal AoE damage to enemies.

Skill 2: Pass Pass

Gloo stretches out and deals damage to enemies in its patch and immobilizes them for half a second. If the skill hits a Goo, it will drag enemies within range.

Skill 3: Split Split

Goo will explode and split into 12 pieces for 10 seconds. During this time, he can’t move but deals continuous damage to enemies who are within range. If an enemy with full Sticky stacks is within range, Gloo can attach himself to that hero. The attached hero will receive damage based on the damage received by Gloo while being linked to that hero. 

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So from what we can tell, this hero will be a nightmare to deal with once he gets released in the regular servers for Mobile Legends. Not only is he tanky with decent regenerative abilities, but he can also disrupt a team fight and attach himself to heroes to deal passive damage to them. However, it should be noted that this new hero in ML is still a work in progress. Moonton may make some changes to the hero before he is released on the regular servers.

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