Emblem System Rework for Mobile Legends Revealed


Emblem System Rework for Mobile Legends Revealed

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  • Moonton revealed their Emblem System Rework for Mobile Legends.
  • The new emblem system will be much more convenient for players with brand new talents that provides unique effects when used.
  • This new system is still a work in progress and might change in the future before it gets released in the regular servers.

The Emblem System Rework for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (ML) has been leaked. According to the leaks, the new reworked Emblem System will be composed of three parts: the Talent, Subtalents, and Attribute Sets. It will allow players to improve their gameplay and unlock more heroes rather than just grinding to upgrade their runes. This new system will allow players to develop combinations for their Talents, Subtalents, and Attributes to fit their heroes without restrictions imposed by the current system. Here is a quick look at the upcoming Emblem System Rework for Mobile Legends.

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Mobile Legends Emblem System Rework Details

As mentioned earlier, the new and improved Emblem System will feature three parts. Here are the details regarding the three main components of ML's new Emblem system;

  • Talents - features various effects that cannot be upgraded. This is similar to the Tier 3 Talents found in the current emblem system. They gave the most potent effects among the three. 
  • Subtalents - these are bonus buff effects to the hero. It’s much simpler than Talents but still quite useful. 
  • Attribute Sets - each set contains five attributes that can be upgraded but can’t be customized. There will be multiples sets to choose from depending on the hero, like Armor Penetration, Attack Speed, and Critical Hit Chance.
Emblem System Rework for Mobile Legends Revealed
Survey on the Rework Scheme of Emblem System
Image via ML Leaks

Once the new Emblem System is implemented, the devs assured that players will be compensated for their efforts in the previous emblem system. 

The system will also have a complete overhaul of the interface. It is now much easier to set up your emblems and cheaper to build, so players will worry less about grinding materials to upgrade all of them to the maximum. 

Emblem System Rework for Mobile Legends Revealed
The new interface for the Emblem System Rework.

Despite this being a work in progress, the devs are already doing a stellar job in improving the game’s emblem system. Veteran players will have more ways to customize their heroes, while new players won’t get overwhelmed with how much they have to grind to max out their emblems for each hero. 

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The release date for the Emblem System Rework is yet to be determined. The ML devs are still working on improving it and are hoping to gain feedback from players after their recent announcement of the said changes. 

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