Get Shirou Character For Free in Free Fire

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  • Garena is giving Shirou for free if players will help the official Free Fire Instagram page reach 200,00 comments in their post.
  • Players will simple have to tag 3 of their friends, comment their UID, and share the post in order to qualify for the event.
  • If the post gets a total of 200,000 comments, players from the whole server will receive Shirou for free.

Shirou is one of the newest characters in Free Fire and certainly has a lot of hype behind him. So it really surprised many when Garena announced that players can get Shirou for free. All they needed to do was to help the official Instagram page of Free Fire reach a milestone of 200,000 comments in one of their posts. Here are the complete details on how you can participate in this event and get Shirou for free in the game.

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How to Get Shirou for Free

The task is pretty straightforward. To be eligible for the rewards, players will have to follow three steps and help the Instagram Page reach a milestone of 200,000 Comments. Once the milestone is reached, the whole server will get the Shirou Character when he is added to the server in the upcoming Project Cobra Update. 

Here are the steps you need to follow;

  1. Follow the Free Fire India official Instagram page
  2. Tag 3 friends and comment on this post along with your UID.
  3. Reach the milestone of 200K comments by the end of 11 February 2020.
Get Shirou Character For Free in Free Fire

Who is Shirou in Free Fire

Shirou is a courier based on his character description of “fastest delivery boy around.” His ability is called “Damage Delivered.” Enemies who hit Shirou will be marked within a 50-meter radius, giving Shirou 10% armor penetration to enemies marked with his ability. The penetration value is increased per level with 100% armor penetration at max level with a cooldown of 20 seconds.

This is a very strong ability that allows you to ignore your opponent’s armor at a cost that you need to get hit by enemies before activating your ability. 

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Shirou will be released in the upcoming Project Cobra update along with exciting new events for players. Don’t miss this opportunity to obtain Shirou for free. 

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