Wild Rift Announces RiotGO and RiotGO+ Bundles


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Wild Rift Announces RiotGO and RiotGO+ Bundles

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  • Riot Games has partnered with Singtel to release a new data bundle featuring data-free Wild Rift gameplay.
  • RiotGO and RiotGO+ also offers in-game freebies like champions, emotes and more for Singtel Postpaid Customers.
  • Singtel is one of the largest mobile network operators in Singapore that also launched PVP Esports, a multi-game, multi-country esports platform

Riot Games has partnered with Singaporean telecommunications conglomerate, Singtel, to deliver RiotGO and RiotGO+ Bundle for their popular mobile MOBA game League of Legends: Wild Rift. This bundle offers data-free gameplay for Wild Rift so fans can jump into the game anytime they want without worrying about their mobile data with additional freebies for players who are subscribed to RiotGO and RiotGO+ bundle. At launch, all Singtel 5G customers, including XO Plus 5G customers, will get a complimentary three-month subscription to RiotGO and RiotGO+ Bundle. Meanwhile, other Singtel postpaid mobile customers will receive a complimentary one-month subscription to a bundle of their choice. Here are more details regarding the RiotGO and RiotGO+ Bundle.

RiotGO and RiotGO+ Bundle Details

Singtel Postpaid Customers in Singapore can choose between the two bundles, RiotGO and RiotGO+. The bundles contain exciting in-game content such as extra champions, emotes, recall animations, and more, on top of the unlimited data for Wild Rift. 

Here are the contents of each bundle and their prices;

RiotGO (S$6.90/3 month)

  • 5 Champions
  • 1 Emote
  • 1 Exclusive Icon
  • 1 Kill Bauble
  • Data-free Gameplay

RiotGO+ (S$9.90/month)

  • 10 Champions
  • 1 Exclusive Icon
  • 3 Emotes
  • 1 Kill Bauble
  • 1 Recall
  • 1 RiotGO+ Chest
  • Dara-free Gameplay
  • Free 1GB Data
Wild Rift Announces RiotGO and RiotGO+ Bundles
RiotGO and RiotGO+ Bundles

Riot Games and Singtel Announces RiotGO and RiotGO+ Bundle

Within the first few weeks of its Regional Open Beta last October, Wild Rift was received with great enthusiasm, topping App Store and Google Play game charts in Singapore and every other market all over Southeast Asia. With Wild Rift’s momentum showing no signs of slowing down, Riot Games, in cooperation with Singtel, announced the RiotGO and RiotGO+ Bundles for the mobile MOBA game fans in Singapore. 

“Mobile gaming has surged in popularity in the past year as more people turned to them for fun and entertainment during the pandemic. 76% of our customers play games on their mobile phones, and we’re excited to elevate their gaming experience with Singtel 5G and our strategic partnership with Riot Games. Customers can leverage RiotGO and RiotGO+ to “max out their loadout” to enhance their Wild Rift gameplay. With fast performance being a key consideration in mobile gaming, Singtel 5G customers will also get an ultra-responsive and smoother gaming experience on Singapore’s most powerful 5G network,” stated Ms. Gan Siok Hoon, Managing Director, Sales & Marketing, Consumer Singapore,

What is Singtel?

Singtel is one of the largest mobile network operators in Singapore. In 2018, the company launched PVP Esports, a multi-game, multi-country esports platform, and has since hosted multiple tournaments and community leagues.

For more information regarding the RiotGO and RiotGO+ Bundle, you can check their official website.

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