PUBG Mobile: All We Know About the Power Armor Mode


PUBG Mobile: All We Know About the Power Armor Mode

John Dave Rossel
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  • PUBG Mobile released a new game mode called Power Armor Mode that allows players to build their own Power Armor and dominate the battlefield.
  • The Power Armor needs to be assembled using three components that can be acquired on special supply drops.
  • The power armor grants players the ability to jump higher and knock opponents down. This new game mode will be available on Feb. 5, 2021.

The Power Armor Mode is one of PUBG Mobile’s brilliant innovations in the Battle Royale Genre. The Power Armor Mode offers players a new way to dominate the battlefield by assembling their own advanced armors that grant them increased mobility throughout the match. This is one of the most awaited game modes in PUBG Mobile, and players can jump right into the new Power Armor Mode on Feb. 5, 2021. Here are the details that players need to know about the new game mode. 

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Power Armor Mode Details

Players can only play the Power Armor Mode in the Livik Map. Players will have to scavenge parts and assemble their Power Armors in a special laboratory. 

Three essential parts are needed to build these Power Armors and are found in Super Crates that drops alongside regular airdrops throughout the game. Players will have to fight for these parts since supply drop areas will be surrounded by other players hoping to get their Power Armor parts.

After assembling their Power Armors, players will gain new abilities like Hyperjump that makes them jump higher without taking any fall damage, and an ability called “Dragon Breath,” which allows them to blast opponents and knock them down. 

 PUBG Mobile: All We Know About the Power Armor Mode
Power Armor gives players a jet pack to increase their jump height.

Power Armor Mode will be a game-changer in the traditional Battle Royale Game Mode, as whoever gets to assemble their power armor first will have the best advantage of killing players or surviving an ambush. It also forces players to go in an aggressive playstyle rather than camping until the border shrinks. Players without Power Armor will have a hard time surviving the battlefield, so it is crucial to secure your own power armor as soon as possible. 

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The Power Armor Mode is undoubtedly a great innovation to the Battle Royale genre. It makes players rethink their strategies instead of sticking to the traditional Battle Royale tactics of camping and looting. 

It will be interesting to see if PUBG Mobile will implement this mode on other maps, depending on the success of this game mode on Livik.

Stay tuned for more updates regarding new content in PUBG Mobile.

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