Mobile Legends: Nostalgia Event is Making a Comeback With Free Skins

Mobile Legends: Nostalgia Event is Making a Comeback With Free Skins

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  • Nostalgia Event is expected to be released in the regular server on Feb. 27, 2021 according to the leaks in the advanced server for Mobile Legends.
  • The Nostalgia Event offers players free skins after completing certain event missions.
  • While waiting for the Nostalgia Event, players can prepare themselves for the Valentine Box Event where players can acquire Elite and Epic tier skins for free.

The Nostalgia Event is making a comeback and has been revealed in the advanced server of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. The event, expected to go live in the regular servers on Feb. 27, offers players a chance to obtain free skins of their choice after completing various event missions. The Nostalgia Event is one of Mobile Legends’ recurring events, similar to the party box event. Here are more details regarding the event, so you don’t miss it when it goes live on Mobile Legends’ regular server. 

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Nostalgia Event Details

This Nostalgia Event is one of the recurring events in the game that rewards players with free skins after completing various event missions. It’s pretty straightforward and simple. Players can choose between four different skins. After selecting your desired skin, all you have to do is complete missions provided by the event to earn points. After earning enough points, players will be able to unlock the skin of their choice.

Mobile Legends: Nostalgia Event is Making a Comeback With Free Skins
The four skins players can choose from in the Nostalgia Event in Mobile Legends.

Based on the advanced server, players can choose between the following skins;

  • Kagura - Flower Season
  • Angela - Dove and Love
  • Moskov - Speak and Bone Dragon
  • Vale - Cerulean Winds

It is still unconfirmed whether we can claim more than one skin in the event. We’ll just have to keep our eyes peeled for upcoming announcements made by Moonton for the Nostalgia Event.

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While waiting got the Nostalgia Event to come, players can prepare for the Valentine Box Event, where players can also get free skins of up to epic tier if they’re lucky. By completing missions, players can acquire tickets that they can use to draw in the event for free and obtain elite or epic grade skins. 

Mobile Legends: Nostalgia Event is Making a Comeback With Free Skins
The Valentine Box Event will reward skins of up to Epic Grade.

Tons of exciting new events have started to appear in Mobile Legends. Make sure not to miss any of these events to get free skins in the game. Stay tuned for more updates regarding new events coming in Mobile Legends.

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