Star Guardian Urgot: Will the Iconic Meme Skin Make Its Way Into Wild Rift?

Abhimannu Das
Published On: 03 Feb 2021, 08:18 AM
  • Star Guardian Urgot may make its way to Wild Rift if Riot decides to do an April Fools event for the game.
  • Unlike other popular games that prank their players, Riot has been hosting April Fools events for a decade with funky skins and limited-time modes.
  • Urgot and his Pajama Guardian Cosplay skin are likely to be added to the game in due time.

Star Guardian Urgot was a long-running meme in the League of Legends community that became a reality last year, but is the skin coming to Wild Rift this year? The Star Guardian skin line-up spawned its own set of trailers, and we had Riot Games offering us cosmetics based on the theme on more than occasion. Star Guardian Urgot started out as a joke and fans wanted it to be included in League of Legends for months and we had Riot actually release it as part of the April Fools’ skin lineup. Instead of the Star Guardian Urgot, we all wanted we got the Pajama Guardian Urgot variant of the skin which was good enough. With almost a year gone by since the skin’s release, Wild Rift might be getting the same skin this year around April Fools’. 

Star Guardian Urgot: What Is It?

For those who discovered the Runeterra universe through Wild Rift and have not played League of Legends before, Urgot is a popular character who received the Pajama Guardian Urgot skin last year. The Star Guardian skin lineup has an anime-esque theme to it where we have seen the likes of Zoe, Neeko, Ahri, Miss Fortune, Xayah, and Rakan make an appearance. We expect a similar event to take place this year for Wild Rift along with League of Legends. 

Are The League of Legends April Fools’ Skins Real?

April Fools was originally a joke during the early days of League of Legends with the first-ever event taking place in 2010. But Riot saw the opportunity to give something back to the fans, and we now have elaborate events with new game modes and hilarious skins for older champions. We have come a long way from the Urf The Manatee skin in 2010 to Pajama Guardian Cosplay Urgot, Pengu Cosplay Tristana, Furyhorn Cosplay Veigar, and other skins making their way into the game and game modes like Ultra Rapid Fire being added. 

Star Guardian Urgot: When Is It Coming to Wild Rift?

We have no official confirmation on when Urgot will make it into Wild Rift, but an April Fools’ event for the game is may happen. The League of Legends events are announced weeks in advance in March so we can expect a similar timeline for Wild Rift as well. Star Guardian Urgot and other popular skins might be featured in the game if the event does take place. 

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