M2 World Championship Overtook DOTA2's TI9 in Viewership



M2 World Championship Overtook DOTA2's TI9 in Viewership

John Dave Rossel
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  • The M2 World Championship broke records as it surpassed DOTA 2's The International 2019 viewership.
  • This huge milestone is mostly thanks to its large number of fans in Southeast Asia with 50% of the contribution comes from Indonesia.
  • The M2 World Championship is current the second most viewed mobile esports tournament in history

Millions of fans have tuned in to the M2 World Championship, which concluded on Jan. 24, 2021. The massive support that the participating teams received skyrocketed the Mobile Legends' viewership: Bang Bang (MLBB) tournament and even surpassed DOTA2’s The International 2019 by a large amount.

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M2 World Championship Broke Records

Despite being a mobile game, MLBB has proven that it is as relevant as the biggest PC esports titles. 

The M2 World Championship managed to surpass one of the biggest esports events like DOTA2’s The International 2019, CS: GO’s IEM Katowice 2020, and Twitch Rivals Valorant. The MLBB tournament was within touching distance of the League of Legends’ World Championship 2020, the most-watched esports event in history.

M2 World Championship Overtook DOTA2's TI9 in Viewership

According to Esports Charts, half of the audience in the M2 World Championship consists of Indonesian-speaking viewers. 18.7% of the share goes to Burmese, 17.5% goes to Filipinos, 8.7% are English, 2.6% are from Malaysia, while the remaining 2.4% are from other countries.

M2 World Championship Overtook DOTA2's TI9 in Viewership
Credits: Esports Charts

Needless to say, this huge milestone is mainly because of MLBB’s wide audience in Southeast Asia. On day one, the tournament already peaked at 2.1 million viewership. This proves that many people were really looking forward to watching their favorite esports teams in action. 

The last match between Bren Esports and Burmese Ghouls garnered a total of 3 million viewers. This makes the M2 World Championship the second most-viewed esports event after PGMC Season 0 with a total of 3.8 million peaked viewership. 

Most of the fans prefer watching through Facebook as the Burmese Facebook broadcast was the most popular with 918k Peak Viewers. Meanwhile, NimoTV dominated in Indonesia with a peak viewership of 702k on the platform.

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MLBB had a great start for their year as one of the world's best mobile esports titles. This momentum shows no sign of stopping, and eventually, it might surpass League of Legends in terms of viewership. 

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