Biggest Changes in the Upcoming Patch for Mobile Legends



Biggest Changes in the Upcoming Patch for Mobile Legends

John Dave Rossel
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  • MLBB will have a big update on Feb. 2 2021 featuring the new mage hero, Yve.
  • A few balance changes are made for Barats, Carmilla, and Granger along with an update on Balmond's lore and voicelines.
  • Mayhem Mode will also make a comeback on Feb. 19 with Yve, Mathilda, Barats, and Benedetta added in the hero pool.

A new patch is coming in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) this Feb. 2, 2021. Along with the balance changes and optimizations, Yve, the Astrowarden will also be released. Here is what players can expect in the upcoming patch for MLBB. 

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New Mage Hero: Yve

Yve is a mage hero capable of long-range burst damage. The new hero can cast her ultimate skill 15 times which might sound very overpowered, but this makes her unable to cast any other skills and can be canceled when she gets stunned. Yve is definitely a hero to look out for when she gets released.

New Balmond Lore and Voiceover

Balmond will get an update on his backstory and voiceover for players who are interested in knowing his lore and be fully immersed in the game while using him.

Hero Buffs

Barats, Carmilla, and Granger will be getting a few buffs in the next patch. This will give them a slight edge in the game and make them viable again in the current meta. 

Credits: Moonton

The buffs aren’t exactly game-changing, but we can expect a bit of improvement in their gameplay.

The Return of Mayhem Mode

One of the craziest game modes is making a comeback for a limited time. Mayhem mode will be available from Feb. 19 until March 8 along with Yve, Mathilda, Barats, and Benedetta added to the hero pool. 

Credits: Moonton

Draft Pick Role Suggestion

This small addition to the draft pick mode is quite handy for players who wish to coordinate with their team when it comes to drafting heroes. The new feature allows players to suggest a role for a teammate to fill in the last round of the hero picking phase.

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New Magic Chess Commander

The magic chess will also have a new commander added. Brown, the master forger, is a powerful commander that can disarm enemy heroes in the field for a short period of time. 

Credits: Moonton

The upcoming updates is a big one. Be sure to save up some battle points for Yve as she might be one the strongest mages in the game with his amazing skill set. 

Stay tuned for more updates regarding the coming contents and events in MLBB.

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