3 Reasons to Use the Free Fire Companion Website

John Dave Rossel
Published On: 28 Jan 2021, 12:16 PM
  • Garena released Free Fire Companion Website where players can check their in-game stats.
  • The website features various in-game stats like most-used weapons and personal stats which players can share with their friends through various social media platforms.
  • This feature is still in beta phase and will last until Feb. 11, 2021.

If you want to improve in Free Fire, you need to know your strengths and weaknesses. Luckily, the game now provides players with a website where you can check your and other people’s in-game stats and achievements. 

3 Reasons to Use the Free Fire Companion Website
Credits: Garena

According to Garena, the Free Fire companion website allows players to search other players’ in-game performance, rank history, analyze their combat style, and share their statistics through various social media platforms. 

Here are the reasons why you should take advantage of this feature.

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Know Your Weapon Proficiency

With the use of the website, players can check how good they are at using certain weapons. Players can then see what weapons they need to practice on and start mastering different kinds of load-outs.

3 Reasons to Use the Free Fire Companion Website

Keep Track of Your Achievements

The website will allow you to check your overall progress in the game. You can also share these with your friends through various social media platforms. With this, you can work on a goal and keep track of it using the website. 

3 Reasons to Use the Free Fire Companion Website
Credits: IND KING YouTube

The stats found on the website is not in real-time. The players’ stats for the day might take a few days to get uploaded and reflect on the website. The devs are hoping to improve this system and make it real-time shortly. 

Know the Current Meta

One of the useful features is where you can check the commonly used loadouts in the game. From skills, weapons, and more, you can check which of these are widely used by top players in the game. 

3 Reasons to Use the Free Fire Companion Website
Credits: IND KING YouTube

How to Access the Free Fire Companion Website

Players can simply tap on the Companion Website icon located on the top left corner of the main menu of the game.

3 Reasons to Use the Free Fire Companion Website


The website is still in its beta testing phase. For now, players can check a few statistics such as the number of kills, headshots, game modes played, win-rate, and most used weapon in the analysis tab. 

This is an excellent opportunity to check on popular esports pros in the game and see their in-game stats and what loadouts and characters they commonly use when playing the game. 

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Garena is planning on adding more features that will be convenient for players who visit the website. This feature will be available until Feb. 11, 2021. 

This feature is very convenient for competitive players who want to see the current meta and improve in their matches to climb higher in ranked games. 

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