Top 5 Most Successful Heroes in the M2 World Championship


Top 5 Most Successful Heroes in the M2 World Championship

John Dave Rossel
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  • A lot of heroes were played in the tournament but some heroes showed they are better than the rest.
  • Here are the top 5 heroes with the highest win-rate in the M2 World Championships.
  • The heroes that are in the least are heroes that have been picked in the tournament at least 10 times.

The M2 World Championship finally came to an end this Sunday, with Bren Esports claiming the tournament after a magnificent run through the lower brackets. Players showcased some exquisite gameplay on a number of heroes.

But certain heroes were clearly better than the rest of the drafting pool. Here are the heroes that had the most success during the M2 World Championship.

Parameters used: To be included in this list, a hero needs to have been picked, at least 10 times during the M2 World Championship.

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5. Brody (63.63% Win-Rate)

Brody is one of the heroes who are hard to master and play in the game. Hence, he is mostly seen in the professional play where players have spent hours practicing each hero and knowing their strengths and weaknesses. He has been played 12 times in the entire tournament.

Credits: Moonton

Bren Esport’s star player, KarlTzy, showed how to play Brody during the grand finals against Burmese Ghouls, where he scored a KDA of 9/1/11. His excellent micro gameplay on how he can maximize Brody’s damage with well-planned positioning to avoid being caught out by the enemy lead his team to victory. 

4. Mathilda (65.21% Win-Rate)

Mathilda is one of the latest heroes to be released in the game. She is the first Assassin/Support in the game, a perfect pick for the current meta. She has been picked 23 times in the tournament.

Credits: Moonton

Todak showed us an impressive play when Moon played Mathilda in a match against Impunity KH. The combination of the offensive and supportive capabilities of Mathilda was a great asset to their victory against the Cambodian team.

3. Silvanna (66.66% Win-Rate)

Silvanna is an excellent pick who can engage in 1v1 fights in the game’s early stages. Her second skill, “Spiral Strangling” allows her to engage without losing too much of her HP. She has been picked 30 times in the course of the tournament.

Credits: Moonton

Omega Esports showed us how good Silvanna is against Todak. Silvanna may not have many kills after the match, but her overall presence in the game was crucial in keeping Todak from reaching their power spikes.

2. Claude (68.75% Win-Rate)

Claude is one of the most favorite heroes in both professional and casual plays. Besides his good looks, he is quite a mobile marksman, perfect in team fights where positioning is critical. He has been picked 32 times in the tournament.

Credits: Moonton

RRQ Hoshi showcased how powerful Claude is in their match against Bren Esports in the playoffs, where XINNN earned a KDA of 10/1/10. Bren Esports didn’t see it coming, which resulted in a 10k Gold lead from RRQ Hoshi and gave Claude the chance to hit his power spike and ultimately go for the win. 

1. Atlas (70% Win-Rate)

Atlas is one of those heroes that isn’t noticed much by pro players in the M2 World Championship. But when a pro player uses him, it usually leads to a victory. He has been picked 11 times in the tournament. 

Credits: Moonton

Bren Esports is somehow fond of using lesser-picked heroes in their matches as one of their members, Lusty, picked Atlas in their battle against Todak in the Playoffs. Atlas’s overwhelming presence in the game was too much for Todak that they barely secured many kills. The match ended with a KDA of 3/0/16 for Lusty. 

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Honorable Mention: Lancelot (50% Win-Rate)

Credits: Moonton

Did you think we’d forget how KarlTzy carried Bren Esports with his Lancelot to the grand finals? Lancelot may not have the best win-rate, but in the hands of Bren Esports’ MVP, he did wonders in the tournament. KarlTzy picked him 12 times throughout the tournament.

It proved to play a vital role in Bren Esports’ triumph in the tournament.

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