MLBB: How to Get Free Skins in the Carnival Week Event


MLBB: How to Get Free Skins in the Carnival Week Event

John Dave Rossel
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  • Players can claim a free permanent Mobile Legends skin by simply logging in on Jan. 30, 2021.
  • You can upgrade your M2 Chest by doing event missions and obtain epic grade skins instead of regular skins.
  • This event will last until Jan. 30, 2021. Don't miss this opportunity to earn permanent skins.

The M2 World Championship has just concluded. In celebration of the success of one of the biggest tournaments in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB), Moonton is giving away a free skin just by logging in to the game on Jan. 30, 2021. You can get better rewards just by doing simple event missions. Here is how you can grab them.

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MLBB Carnival Week

The event is pretty straightforward. Just by logging in on Jan. 30, you can acquire an M2 Chest that contains permanent skins. As a bonus, you can finish event missions to upgrade your chest into a unique golden chest that contains permanent Epic grade skins. 

Credits: Moonton

Here are the missions to upgrade your M2 Chest;

  • Log in to the game daily - 10 Chest Score
  • Pay 1 match in Classic/ Ranked/ BrawlMode with friends Daily - 35 Chest Score
  • Play 3 matches in Classic/ Ranked/ BrawlMode Daily - 35 Chest Score
  • Spend 200 Diamonds Daily - 200 Chest Score
  • Purchase M2 Tournament Pass - 500 Chest Score
  • Recharge Once - 300 Chest Score

Upon reaching the 1,000 Chest Score mark, you will receive a special M2 Chest containing a permanent Epic grade skin. 

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What is M2 World Championship

Held at the Shangri-La hotel in Singapore, M2 World Championship is one of the biggest esports events in MLBB where teams from across the world compete for the title of M2 World Champions. 

The event concluded with an intense 4 - 3 victory for Bren Esports against Burmese Ghouls in the grand finals. The Filipino team went home with the title of M2 World Champions and $140,000 USD in prize money.

Don’t miss this opportunity to acquire free permanent skins in MLBB. Log in now, and complete event tasks to upgrade your chest and upgrade your M2 Chest to get Epic Skins. 

Stay tuned for more updates regarding the upcoming events in MLBB.

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