All Five Confirmed Hero Squad Skins in MLBB


All Five Confirmed Hero Squad Skins in MLBB

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  • All five Hero Squad skins have been confirmed in MLBB.
  • The two upcoming Hero Squad skins are for Esmeralda and Vale. Only the concept art and the splash art is available but the concept is looking nice already.
  • These skins may be released similar to the previous Hero Squad skins and can be ontained via the Skin Draw event in the game.

Moonton has released a lot of exciting skins in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB). One of these skins is the Hero Squad skin line. Three of these superhero-themed skins have been released. The remaining two remaining superhero skins are scheduled to be released shortly to complete the Hero Squad skin lineup. 

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Upcoming Hero Squad Skins

This skin line is inspired by the comic book industry that has grown exponentially over the past few years. The heroes take on the form of superheroes with flashy and cool-looking costumes and top quality visual effects. 

The upcoming superhero skins are for Esmeralda and Vale. However, Moonton has only provided the Skin Concept and the Splash art for both skins. The skins have not yet added these skins to the game or the advanced server. 

Here are the two superhero skins;

  • Esmeralda - Her skin is quite enchanting. This superhero skin resembles magicians in comic books where they cast spells in their hands and pentagrams starts floating in their palm.
All Five Confirmed Hero Squad Skins in MLBB
  • Vale - His superhero skin has this dark anti-hero vibe similar to superheroes in comic books that shows their brutal way of delivering justice to villains.
All Five Confirmed Hero Squad Skins in MLBB
Credits: Kazuki Official

Take note that these skins are still not the final models. Moonton might change up things before it makes its way into the game. However, we really should acknowledge that these skins are looking pretty nice already. 

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Released MLBB Hero Squad Skins

Firebolt Bruno, Swordmaster Lancelot, and the most recent Thunderfist Chou are the three Hero squad skins released last year. 

All Five Confirmed Hero Squad Skins in MLBB
Thunderfist Chou | Swordmaster Lancelot | Firebolt Bruno

The three superhero skins were obtainable via the Skin Draw event, where players will spend diamonds to get a chance to acquire these skins. The two upcoming superhero skins might also be the same, so save up on diamonds and prepare to release these upcoming superhero skins. 

Stay tuned for more updates regarding the upcoming updates for the Hero Squad skins in MLBB.

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