MLBB: What We Know About the New Hero Beatrix


MLBB: What We Know About the New Hero Beatrix

John Dave Rossel
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  • Beatrix's skills have been updated with complete descriptions along with her splash art.
  • Beatrix is a marksman capable of switch between 4 different weapons with different abilities.
  • She is currently available in the advanced server of MLBB and is speculated to be released around March.

MLBB has revealed their upcoming hero named Beatrix int he advanced server. She is a hero with a new unique mechanic that allows her to have four different weapons at her disposal. Here is what we know about her story and abilities.

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MLBB Beatrix Skill Description

Beatrix is a marksman with four different weapons that she can switch between to gain different types of effects. However, she can only carry up to two weapons at once. 

Her Passive skill, “Mecha Genius” varies depending on the primary weapon she currently wields.

  • Renner - A sniper rifle with slow attack speed but with exceptional range and damage. 
  • Bennet - A grenade launcher capable of firing projectiles that deal AoE damage. 
  • Wesker - A shotgun that fires in a fan-shaped area. Short-range but deadly AoE damage.
  • Nibiru - A submachine gun that fires rapidly. Small damage but massive DPS. 

Her first skill, “Coordination” allows her to switch between her primary and secondary weapon and changing her skills in the process depending on the weapon she switched to.

Her second skill “Tactical Reposition” allows her to leap forward. The animation may vary on the primary weapon but the skill is still the same. 

Her special skill “Need Backup” summons her butler, Morgan, and allows her to two of the four weapons in her arsenal to be the primary and second weapon. Take note that this skill will be canceled if an enemy attacks you. 

Her ultimate skill varies depending on her primary weapon. Here are the ultimates for each weapon;

  • Renner - Fires a bullet with massive damage in a long-range.
  • Bennet - Fires a barrage of rockets and deal damage to an area.
  • Wesker -  Fires the weapon around her and deal damage at close range.
  • Nibiru - Rains down bullets in a fan-shaped area.

Who is Beatrix

According to the MLBB lore, Beatrix is an intelligent young girl who spent her childhood inventing different machinery pieces. Later on, she programmed a virtual realm that got hacked and unleashed a series of events that caused chaos in the real world. 

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Beatrix is currently available only in the advanced server of MLBB. She is rumored to be released around March after the release of Yve in February.

Stay tuned for more updates regarding new contents coming in MLBB.

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