MLBB: Which Hero Will Receive Bren Esports Themed Skin?



MLBB: Which Hero Will Receive Bren Esports Themed Skin?

John Dave Rossel
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  • Bren Esports revealed that they wanted Chou to receive the Bren Esports skin in MLBB.
  • KarlTzy expressed that he wanted Lancelot to have the Championship skin but the team's decision led to Chou as the hero who they want to receive the new skin.
  • This decision is not yet final as they will still discuss this to Moonton. Stay tuned for more updates.

Bren Esports picked up a well-earned win against Burmese Ghouls in the M2 World Championship Grand Finals, winning the tournament and securing $140,000 USD in prize money along with its very own skin with the team’s branding on a hero of its choice. The question is, who is the hero that will receive this skin? 

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New M2 World Championship Skin

During the M1 World Championship, EVOS Legends dominated the scene and chose Harith to mark as their symbol for victory. Thus, the EVOS Legends Harith skin has been released to commemorate their glorious victory in the M1 World Championship. 

MLBB: Which Hero Will Receive Bren Esports Themed Skin?
Credits: Moonton

The next esports skin would be for Bren Esports for their triumph at the M2 World Championship. During the post-match interview, they stated that they agreed to choose Chou as the hero. 

“We've decided together, and we want Chou's skin. The hero who gets this skin must be able to be played by all Bren players, and Chou is a hero that all of us can play,” Bren Esport’s coach said. “Actually, he(KarlTzy) wants the Lancelot skin.”

KarlTzy would indeed choose Lancelot because it has become his signature hero. He absolutely dominated the M2 World Championship with it and was one of the key reasons behind the team’s triumph at this event. But alas, he’ll have to go with the team’s decision.

Of course, this decision isn’t final as they would have to discuss this with Moonton. But it is difficult to see Moonton disagree with Bren Esports’ choice. We’ll probably get confirmation of this in the near future, but one thing is certain, this skin is going to look amazing, just like the Harith EVOS Legends skin. 

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Stay tuned for upcoming updates on which MLBB hero will receive the Bren Esports skin and when it will be released to the public.

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